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A Christmas Update

Baby has grown up now and would probably prefer to be called a teenager now.  He looks as big as his Mum & Dad now so with sometimes up to twenty birds in the backyard, how do we tell which ones are "our family"? 

Well, with Mum it is easy - she's the one with one wing and the one that's always around. Well... sometimes we cannot find her but you just have to go from tree to tree until you spot her or just listen for her call.

Dad and Baby are not always around because they can both fly off now but they spend most of the day here with mum, if not all day.  One thing is guaranteed: every night at sunset, Mum & dad sit together and lovingly groom each other before retiring for the night.

Dad is the Digger!  No, he is not mining nor trying to uproot the tree, 
I think he has plans of expanding the family.

Dad is far less aggressive now that baby has grown up.  He regularly flies up to the house and takes food from Ellie's hand.  He likes dog biscuits best which is a balanced diet but I'm scared he might start barking!

That's Baby!  You could describe him as a true omnivore.  He eats the parrot food we put down ("Wild Bird Mix" from the supermarket) but that does not stop him from getting Mum to feed him - big as he is!  He also eats what naturally grows in trees and palms around here.  We have a Macadamia nut tree and the nuts are tough to crack but the cockies do it effortlessly.  They also enjoy the palm tree seeds.  I gave baby a peach the other day and though he was not game enough to take it from my hand, he feasted on it.

But again the question, how do we distinguish him from the others?  Easy!  He might have learned how to fly, but landing is another story altogether!  He has not mastered the art of folding in his wings in time for landing in the trees so he ends up with his winds spread out all over the twigs:

It takes him a while to collect his wings together again:

Merry Christmas to all the friends of the Cockies!