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Subj:     Albino Fawn (S487c) 
          From: LABLaughsClean 
          on 5/19/2006
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Albino Fawn  from folks who live on  Bolivar Peninsula , Texas 

A very eventful day around here... A once in many lifetimes  experience!  Mark saw this lil' feller run out in front of a car, 
thought it was a lost baby goat.  Stopped to get it, and WOW.  A real Albino Whitetail Deer.  Just hours old, but doing fine.  No Moma deer around.  Another car nearly hit it in front of  Mark... 

Well, he is THE neatest thing any of us ever saw.  And such a 'freak of nature', that only 1 in more than a million are even born.  He took his bottle of food, followed us around the house, doing  great.  So, we called the Zoo & Fossil Rim, who were both interested, but going to send him to a Rehab farm, at a vet that we have never gotten along  with...

So, one of Dad's best friends is our Game Warden.  Kinda reluctantly, but, I called him and told him the deal.  He came right over, of course... and assured me that he wouldn't take it to that vet, that he was going to 'go to higher levels' than that with him..  So, he is gone now.  We got a lot of pix, and something we will never see again probably, so it was very cool.

Maybe he will make it in captivity somewhere and be appreciated.  So rare...  Sure wanted to keep him tho. but, not the thing to do.  And not LEGAL either.  Here are a couple of pix to show ya.  He was snow white, pink eyes, ears, nose and hooves.  Kids called him POWDER.  He was SO small.  That is my shoe lying beside him... WOW..how cool is  that??