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Subject: The Sunday Morning Laughs #579c
         Date: 3/9/2008

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Subj:     1,000 lbs Liger
          From: ginafm on 2/22/2008

 At just three years old, Hercules already weighs half a ton. 
 His father was a lion and his mother was a tiger.  Hercules 
 is bigger than both of them.  Click read to read his story.


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Subj:     The Ring Of Fire
          From: gordonschuk on 2/20/2008

 This Johnny Cash song has been modified to deal with 
 farting.  If you have reached Middle School humor like 
 me, you will find it funny.  Click below to view and 
 listen to it.


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Subj:     Two Couples Swap Partners
          From: FrankRoesch on 3/9/00

 There were these two middle aged couples, who were all long
 time friends, and who were always together doing something.
 They were sitting around one evening kind of bored and thinking
 of what to do, when one of the wives, suggested that they switch
 partners for the night. They talked about it, and everyone agreed.

 They split up and, off they went with their new partner for the
 night.  Later that night, the wife who made the suggestion, sat
 up in bed, and turned to her new partner and said, "My god! That
 was just wonderful, I had no idea!

 We should have thought of this looong ago! . . . . . . . .
 I wonder how the boys are doing?

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Subj:     The Golden Telephone To Heaven
          From: gheckman on 10/27/2001
      and From: fischer-j on 2/20/2008

 A man in  Topeka, Kansas, decided to write a book about
 churches around the country.  He started by flying to
 San Francisco, and started working east from there.

 Going to a very large church, he began taking photographs
 and making notes.  He spotted a golden telephone on the
 vestibule wall and was intrigued with a sign which read
 "$10,000 a minute."  Seeking out the pastor he asked about
 the phone and the sign.  The pastor answered that this
 golden phone is,in fact, a direct line to Heaven and if he
 pays the price he can talk directly to God.  The man
 thanked the pastor and continued on his way.

 As he continued to visit churches in Seattle, Austin,
 Michigan, Chicago, Milwaukee, and around the United
 States, he found more phones, with the same sign, and the
 same answer from each pastor.

 Finally, he arrived in Minnesota.  Upon entering a church
 in Minneapolis, Minnesota behold, he saw the usual golden
 telephone.  But THIS time, the sign read "Calls: 25 cents."
 Fascinated, he asked to talk to the pastor. "Reverend, I
 have been in cities all across the country and in each
 church I have found this golden telephone and have been
 told it is a direct line to Heaven and that I could talk
 to God, but, in the other churches the cost was $10,000 a
 minute. Your sign reads 25 cents a call. Why?"

 The pastor, smiling benignly, replied, "Son, you're in
 Minnesota now, and it's a local call."

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Subj:     Two Doctors Open Small Town Practice
          From: gheckman on 9/21/2002
      and From: rfslick on 2/15/2008

 Two doctors opened an office in a small town and put up a
 sign reading "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Psychiatry and

 The town council was not too happy with that sign, so the
 doctors changed it to "Hysterias and Posteriors".  This
 was not acceptable either, so in an effort to satisfy the
 council, they changed the sign to "Schizoids and Hemorrhoids."
 No go.

 Next they tried "Catatonics and High Colonics."  Thumbs down
 again.  Then came "Manic-depressives and Anal retentives."
 Still not good.  How about "Minds and Behinds"?  Unacceptable

 Becoming distraught, they tried "Lost Souls and Ass Holes"
 Still no go.  Nor did "Analysis and Anal Cysts,"  "Nuts and
 Butts,"  "Freaks and Cheeks," or "Loons and Moons" work either.

 Almost at their wit's end, the doctors finally came up with a
 business slogan they thought might be acceptable to the council,
 "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones ................... Odds and Ends."

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Subj:     Couple Argue Near Farm
          From: gheckman on 12/19/2001

 A couple drove several miles down a country road, not saying 
 a word.  An earlier discussion had led to an argument and 
 neither wanted to concede their position.  As they passed a 
 barnyard full of mules and pigs, the husband sarcastically 
 asked, "Relatives of yours?" 

 "Yep," the wife replied, "in-laws."

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Subj:     Husband Brings Wife Two Asprin
          From: JOKE-OF-THE-DAY.com on 09/17/1999 
      and From: Imogenelumen on 12/9/2003 

 A man wakes up his wife during the night with a glass of 
 water in one hand and two aspirins in the other.  She says, 
 "What's this for?" 
 "This is for your headache," he says. 
 "But I don't have a headache," she replies. 
 He smiles and says, "Gotcha!"

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Subj:     Other Bridge Columns
          by Phillip Alder
          From: The Vallejo Times Herald

 This hand tells when to double a slam contract.
 Click below to read the column.


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Subj:     Cue-Bidding Suits
          From: BridgeClues.com on 2/26/2008

 This wonderful web site has daily problems if you click on 
 the bidding drop down menu.  Today's hand #2648 discusses 
 what to do when your partner overcalls a suits.    Click
 below to see this bridge problem.


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