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Subject: The Sunday Morning Laughs #583c
         Date: 4/6/2008

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Subj:     Song "But I Could Be Wrong"
          From: LABLaughsAdult on 3/20/2008
 Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-5d5IfdYK4

 A video about celebrities that we all can't stand, to the 
 music of Tim Wilson and his song titled "But I Could Be 
 Wrong."  You can see this funny video at the source above, 
 or on my web site by clicking below.


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Subj:     Granny And The Air Bag
          From: hellgunner50 on 3/22/2008
 Source http://www.sonnyradio.com/GrannyAirBag.html

 A lady was video taping her son riding a skate board when 
 her attention switched to an old woman trying to cross the 
 street.  It is the best direct hit we've have seen in some 
 time.  Turn your sound up and you can hear the lady that 
 is taping also giggling as she records the event. Priceless. 
 You can view the video at the source above, or on my web 
 site by clicking below.


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Subj:     Brain Teaser 13b - Six Glasses
          From: LABLaughsClean on 3/21/08 
 Source: http://www.ezines4all.com/fun/qa/q4.htm

 You can view and solve this easy, cute puzzle at the source
 above, or on my web site by clicking below.


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Subj:     Another Foolish Trivia
          From: The Contra Costa Times on March 24,2008

 This is another “Name That Company” which asks very easy
 questions about a famous company.  Click below to play.


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Subj:     Telling Polish Jokes In A Bar
          From: collins2 on 7/3/00

 A few nights ago a few friends and I were in a bar, telling
 all the polish jokes we knew; boy what a feast!  Anyway, I
 ducked into the restroom .  While I was in there, this big
 guy came in and said to me, "Hey pal, I'm Polish and I don't
 like you telling all those Polish jokes!"  So I said, "Well,
 they're not against you, pal, just against anyone in Poland."

 "My mother is in Poland!"  He screams, and pulls out a razor.

 Boy was I scared! I was sure he would have killed me if he
 had found a place to plug it in!

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Subj:     Little Johnny Scares Little Marry
          LABLaughsAdult on 3/21/2008

 Little Johnny and Little Mary were walking home from school 
 one day. As they walked along, they saw two dogs knotted up 
 along side the road,doing it, well, doggy style. 

 "What are they doing, Johnny?" Mary asked. Well, Little 
 Johnny, being a man of the world for all his 12 years, knew 
 what they were doing but was embarrassed to say it, so he 
 said, "Well, he's scaring her." Little Mary said, "Oh." 

 They walked a little farther, and Little Mary said, "Scare 
 me, Little Johnny." Well, Little Johnny thought, "What the 
 Hell." So he took her into the bushes and "scared" her. 

 After they were finished, they started walking home again. 
 Pretty soon,they walked past a stallion mounting a mare in 
 the field. "What are they doing, Little Johnny ?", she asked. 
 "Well, he's scaring her." So LittleMary said, "Scare me 
 again, Johnny." Well, Little Johnny took her into the bushes 
 and "scared" her again. 

 After they were finished, they started walking home again. 
 Pretty soon,you guessed it, they saw a bull and a heifer in 
 the field, going at it. 

 "What are they doing, Little Johnny?" she innocently (?) 
 asked again. "Well, he's scaring her" Little Johnny said 
 once again. After a few more minutes of walking, Little Mary 
 said, "Scare me again, Little Johnny." 

 Now Little Johnny, being a little tired by now, had just 
 about had enough, so he yelled out, 
 "Boo, damn it, boo!"

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Subj:     Terrible Disaster
          From: mbucher on 98-04-02
          From: RFSlick on 99-02-17

 Poland's Worst Air Disaster occurred today when a small two-
 seater Cessna 152 plane crashed into a cemetery early this
 afternoon in central Poland.

 Polish search and rescue workers have recovered 326 bodies
 so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues
 into the evening.

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Subj:     Resort Won't Rent Room To Jewish Lady
          From: LABLaughs.com on 3/19/2003 

 Many years ago, a Jewish lady named Mrs. Rosenberg was 
 stranded late one night at a fashionable resort on Cape 
 Cod -- one that did not admit Jews. 

 The desk clerk looked down at his book and said, "Sorry, 
 no room. The hotel is full." 

 The Jewish lady said, "But your sign says that you have 
 vacancies."  The desk clerk stammered and then said curtly, 
 "You know that we do not admit Jews.  Now if you will try 
 the other side of town..." Mrs. Rosenberg stiffened 
 noticeably and said, "I'll have you know I converted to 
 your religion." 

 The desk clerk said, "Oh, yeah, let me give you a little 
 test.  How was Jesus born?" 

 Mrs. Rosenberg replied, "He was born to a virgin named Mary 
 in a little town called Bethlehem." 

 "Very good," replied the hotel clerk. "Tell me more." 

 Mrs. Rosenberg replied, "He was born in a manger." 

 "That's right," said the hotel clerk. "And why was he born 
 in a manger?" 

 Mrs. Rosenberg said loudly, "Because a jerk like you in the 
 hotel wouldn't give a Jewish lady a room for the night!" 

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Subj:     Brazil's Anti-Smoking Campaign
          From: jerry on 2/5/2002

 It was supposed to REDUCE the sale of cigarettes, but the 
 net effect is that it is INCREASING the sale of cigarettes. 

 When Brazil put graphic photos, depicting physical problems 
 caused by smoking, like deformed babies, on cigarette 
 packages they expected to put people off smoking.  But 
 collecting all the packages with all the different designs 
 has sparked an increase in cigarette sales. 

 The most popular pack is the one depicting a man suffocating. 

 Ananova 30-Jan-02

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Subj:     Finding A Bid
          From: BridgeClues.com on 3/23/2008

 This wonderful web site has daily problems if you click on 
 the bidding drop down menu.  Today's hand #2702 discusses 
 finding out if partner has a stopper in the opponent's suit.
 Click below to see this bridge problem.


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