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Subject: The Sunday Morning Laughs #619b
         Date: 12/14/2008

Subj:     Plaxico Burress
          By Mike Luckovich
          From: WashingtonPost.com on 12/8/2008
 Source: http://comics.washingtonpost.com

 This political cartoon is about the professional football
 player, Plaxico Burress, shooting himself in the leg with
 a gun.  Plaxico had the gun in his sweatpants while at a
 night club. You can view this cute cartoon by clicking below.


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Subj:     The Joy of Bicycling
          From: darrellvip on 11/19/2008

 This cute, off-color movie will show you one of 
 the joys of bicycling.  Click below to view it.


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Subj:     Peanuts Comic Strip
          By Charles M. Schultz
          From: WashingtonPost,com on 12/10/2008
 Source: http://comics.com/affiliate/washington_post/?ComicID=69

 In this cute comic strip, Charlie Brown discusses whether
 Santa exists or not.  Click below to view this cartoon.


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Subj:     Head And Shoulders
         From: FrankRoesc on 7/1/99
     and From: LABLaughsAdult on 11/10/2008

 A blonde and a brunette were both in an elevator.  On the
 third floor a man got on who was perfect: Italian suit,
 handsome, great build with a nice butt, but unfortunately
 they both notice he has a bad case of dandruff.
 The man got off on the 5th floor.
 Once the doors close, the brunette turned to the blonde
 and said, "Someone should give him Head and Shoulders."
 To which the blonde replied, "How do you give Shoulders???"

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Subj:     Shark Vs Octopus
          From: darrellvip on 10/31/2008

 When the Seattle Aquarium moved a giant octupus to a larger 
 home filled with sharks and other fish, they hoped his size 
 and camouflage would protect him.  They had no idea of the 
 mistake they had made.  Click below to see the resulting battle.


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Subj:     Peanuts Comic Strip
          By Charles M. Schulz
          From: WashingtonPost.com on 11/19/2008
 Source: http://comics.com/affiliate/washington_post/?ComicID=69

 In this episode of Peanuts, Lucy discusses learning with 
 Charlie Brown.  Click below to read this cartoon.


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Subj:     Whom to Lay Off??
          From: ginafm on 11/16/2008 

 As the CFO of this business that employees 140 people, I 
 have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama will 
 be our next President, and that our taxes and government 
 fees will increase in a BIG way.  To compensate for these 
 increases, I figure that the clients will have to see an 
 increase in our fees to them of about 8% but since we 
 cannot increase our fees right now due to the dismal state 
 of our economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees 

 This has really been eating at me for a while, as we believe 
 we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who will 
 have to go.  So, this is what I did.  I strolled through our 
 parking lot and found 8 Obama bumper stickers on our employees' 
 cars and have decided these folks will be the first to be laid 
 off.  I can't think of a more fair way to approach this 
 problem.  These folks wanted change, I gave it to them.

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Subj:     Frazz Comic Strip
          by Jef Mallett
          From: WashingtonPost.com on 11/20/2008
 Source: http://comics.com/frazz/

 This Frazz comic strip discusses Bertrand Russell, 
 civilization, leisure time, and adverbs.  Click 
 below to read this cute strip.


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From: mauryschu on 11/7/2008

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Subj:     Room Service
          From: auntieg on 98-06-26
      and From: LABLaughsClean on 11/5/2008

 Be warned, you're going to find yourself talking funny for
 a while after reading this.  It was nominated best E-mail
 for 1997, at a hotel in Asia.  It was recorded and published
 in the Far East Economic Review.

 Room Service: "Morny, Ruin sorbees"

 Guest: "Sorry, I thought I dialed room-service"

 RS: "Rye...Ruin sorbees..morny!
      Djewish to odor sunteen??"

 Guest: "Uh..yes..I'd like some bacon and eggs"

 RS: "Ow July den?"

 G: "What??"

 RS: "Ow July den?...pry, boy, pooch?"

 G: "Oh, the eggs!  How do I like them?  Sorry, scrambled,

 RS: "Ow July dee baychem...crease?"

 G: "Crisp will be fine"

 RS: "Hokay. An San tos?"

 G: "What??"

 RS: "San tos, July Santos?"

 G: "I don't think so"

 RS: "No? Judo one toes??"

 G: "I feel really bad about this, but I don't know
     what 'Judo  one  toes' means"

 RS: "Toes! toes!...why djew Don Juan toes?
      Ow bow singlish mopping we bother?"

 G: "English muffin!! I've got it! You were saying
    'Toast' fine.  Yes, an English muffin will be fine."

 RS: "We bother?"

 G: "No..just put the bother on the side."

 RS: "Wad??"

 G: "I mean butter...just put it on the side."

 RS: "Copy?"

 G: "Sorry?"

 RS: "Copy...tea...mill?"

 G: "Yes. Coffee please, and that's all"

 RS: "One minnie. Ass ruin torino fee, strangle ache, crease
      baychem, tossy singlish mopping we bother honey sigh,
      and copy....rye??"

 G: "Whatever you say"

 RS: "Tendjewberrymud"

 G: "You're welcome"

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Subj:     Another Foolish Trivia
          From: Conta Costa Times on on 11/17/2008
Animated GIF from gordonschuk

 This is another “Name That Company” which tells you facts
 about a famous company and asks you to name the company.
 Click below to play.


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Subj:     Short Jokes That Made Me Laugh Or Smile

From the book "The Little Book That Saves Your Assets"
              by David M. Darst
              Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in 2008

 When asked what the most powerful force in the universe
 was, Albert Einstein replied simply, "Compound interest."

From: LABLaughsClean on 11/4/08

 Perseverance is a great element of success.  If you
 only knock long enough at the gate, you are sure to
 wake up somebody."  -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Calvin in Sunglasses from