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Subject: The Sunday Morning Laughs #700
         Date: 7/4/2010
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"Men show their characters in nothing more clearly than in what
 they think laughable." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

The best jokes I receive each week are from you folks.
If you get a good joke please pass it on to me, I enjoy
a good laugh and it cut down the work.  If you don't get
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I uploaded the 187 new jokes you sent me during the last
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the years at http://jokelibrary.net/a_joke_library.html

Subj:     Bill Mauldin,  World War II Cartoonist
          From: tom
          on 6/8/2010
 Source1: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/ARTmauldin.htm
 Source2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Mauldin

 Bill Mauldin, and his cartoons, meant so much to the millions 
 of Americans who fought in World War II, and  to those who 
 had waited for them to come home.  He was a kid cartoonist 
 for Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper; Mauldin's 
 drawings of his muddy, exhausted, whisker-stubbled infantry- 
 men Willie and Joe were the voice of truth about what it was 
 like on the front lines.  Click below to read this wonderful 


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Subj:     Robin Williams As The American Flag
          From: rfslick on 7/2/2010
Photo from YouTube.com
 Source1: http://www.coolestone.com/media/292/
 Source2: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-Q_L1vLv84vs/

 Robin Williams portrays the American flag in "I Love Liberty,"
 a two-hour television special created by Norman Lear and
 presented by People For the American Way on March 21,1982.
 Click on either source, or below for my copy, to see this
 wonderful, funny video.


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Subj:     Bizarro Cartoon
          By Dan Piraro
          From: WashingtonPost.com on 6/12/2010
 Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/artsandliving

 Click below to see this cute cartoon.


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Subj:     Young Man's First Time
          From: LABLaughsAdult on 2/01/2005
      and From: Tom on 6/12/2010

 I recall my first time with a condom, I was 16 or so. I went
 in to buy a package of condoms.  There was a beautiful woman
 behind the counter, and she could see that I was new at it.

 She handed me the package and asked, if I knew how to wear
 one. I honestly answered, "No."

 So she unwrapped the package, took one out and slipped over
 her thumb.

 She cautioned me to make sure it was on tight and secure. I
 apparently still looked confused.  So she looked all around
 the store.  It was empty.  She said, "Just a minute."  And
 walked to the door, and locked it.

 Taking my hand, she led me into the back room, unbuttoned
 her blouse and removed it.  She unhooked her bra and laid it
 aside.  She asked, "Do these excite you?" Well, I was so
 dumb-struck that all I could do was nod my head.

 She then said, it was time to slip the condom on.  As I was
 slipping it on, she dropped her skirt, removed her panties
 and laid down on a desk. "Well, come on", she said, "We
 don't have much time."

 So I climbed on her.  It was so wonderful, that unfortunately,
 I could no longer hold back and POW, I was done within a few

 She looked at me with a frown.  "Did you put that condom on?"

 I said, "I sure did."

 And held up my thumb to show her.

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Subj:     Neil deGrasse Tyson: Are We Alone?
          From: Wimp.com on 3/20/2010
Photo from YouTube.com
 Source1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7odVBe-TY2M
 Source2: http://www.wimp.com/alonewe/

 In the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), 
 researchers differentiate between advanced and non- 
 advanced civilizations.  An advanced civilization is 
 defined as one with the ability to conduct interstellar 
 communication to send electromagnetic signals through 
 space.  Using this definition, human civilization only 
 became advanced within the past century, when local 
 communication such as radio and television broadcasts 
 began to be transmitted to interstellar space.  Click 
 on either source, or below for my copy, to see this 
 fascinating video.


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Subj:     Time Warp Table Saw called SawStop
          From: ft.apache on 6/9/2010
Photo from YouTube.com...
 Source1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMD3agP5hv0
 Source2: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=E3mzhvMgrLE&NR=1

 For those of you who use a table saw, you will find this 
 fascinating.  If you have never seen "Time Warp," it's a 
 show all about super-duper slow motion cameras capturing 
 things we take for granted and never see as they really 
 are.  In this case, they take photos of this guy's new 
 invention of a safer table saw.  Click on either source, 
 or below for my copy, to see this wonderful innovation.


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     by John Graziano
     From: Comics.com on 6/7/2010
 Source: http://comics.com/ripleys_believe_it_or_not/

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Subj:     Blue Suit For Her Husband
          From: jbcary1 on 9/18/2006
      and From: ginafm on 6/10/2010

 Charlie had a massive heart attack and died.  His body was
 delivered to the mortuary.  He had been wearing an expensive,
 expertly  tailored black suit at the time of his demise, so
 he really looked great, considering the circumstances.

 His wife went to the funeral home to make the final
 arrangements for his interment.  She spoke to the mortician
 about what her husband would be wearing.  The mortician
 pointed out that the man looked really nice in the black
 suit he was wearing, and that frankly it would be easier
 and less expensive to leave him dressed as he was.

 The woman noted that Charlie had always looked his very
 best in blue, and that she really wanted him in a blue suit
 for his trip to eternity.  She gave him a blank check and
 said, "I don't care what it costs, but please have my
 husband in the very best blue suit money can buy for the

 The woman came back the next day for the wake.  To her
 delight, she found her Charlie dressed in a gorgeous blue
 suit with a subtle chalk stripe; the suit fit him perfectly.

 She said to the mortician, "Whatever this cost, I'm very
 satisfied.  You did an excellent job, and I'm very grateful.
 How much did you spend?"

 To her astonishment, the mortician presented her with the
 blank check, indicating there was no charge for these extra
 services.  "No, really, I must compensate you for the cost
 of that exquisite blue suit!" she said.

 The mortician responded, "Honestly, ma'am, the change to
 the blue suit cost nothing.

 Funny thing, a deceased gentleman of about your husband's
 size was brought in shortly after you left yesterday,
 wearing an attractive blue suit.

 I asked his wife if she minded him going to his grave
 wearing an attractive black suit.  She indicated that it
 made no difference, as long as he looked nice.

 So I switched the heads."

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Subj:     Games Magazine
          Published in
          the 80s and 90s

 I came upon a stack of old Games Magazines from the 80s
 and the 90s.  I will put one BrainTeaser a week from
 this collection of wonderful puzzles.
 From Vol.6 No.6 Issue 32 in October 1982
Subj:...Space Age Mythology
        Page 64
Drawing from ProProofs.com
Whether you're a stellar scholar or a rocker aficionado,
you know that space launches are more than flights of
fancy.  But many of the names for missions and space-
craft are derived from mythology.  Eight of them are
clued on this web page, once for the scholar and again
for the science buff.  Which are you?  And can you name
all eight?

Click below to name these Greek gods.


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Subj:     It's Only A Game
          By Charley M. Schulz
          Edited by Derrick Bang
 Copyright 2004 by About Comics, Thousand Oaks, California

 In 1957, during a period of immense creativity, Peanuts 
 creator Charles M. Schulz launched another comic series, 
 It's Only A Game.  These cartoons turned the trademark 
 Schulz wit on the world of sports, games, and pastimes. 
 I will put a few of these comics in the Sunday Morning 
 Laughs, mostly the ones about bridge. If you like them, 
 please buy the book at www.aboutcomics.com
 Click below to view all the Schulz bridge cartoons.


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