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Subj:.....Annual Picnic (S627)
          From the book 
            "Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd"
          Edited by Martin Gardner 
          From: Dover Publications in 1959
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When they started off on the great annual picnic, every 
wagon carried exactly the same number of persons.  Half 
way to the grounds ten wagons broke down, so it was 
necessary for each remaining wagon to carry one more 

When they started for home it was discovered that 
fifteen more wagons were out of commission, so on the 
return trip there were three persons more in each wagon 
than when they started out in the morning.  How many 
people attended the great annual picnic?

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              THE SOLUTION

Let N = the number of people originally in each wagon
and W = the number of wagons originally going to the picnic.

The equation for going to the picnic is

W N = ( N + 1 ) ( W - 10 )

and the equation for returning from the picnic is

W N = ( N + 3) ( W - 25 )
Using elementary Algebra
to solve two equations
with two unknowns yields
N = 9 and W = 100.

Therefore there were 900 people
at the annual picnic.

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