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Subj:    Cards And Numbers Problem (S491)
          From: Norfolk Academy on 6/18/2006
Source: http://www.norfacad.pvt.k12.va.us/puzzles/test.htm

Take this simple test to see if you have a logical mind. Print the figure below & follow the instructions. You have a truly logical mind if you can finish this test correctly in 5 minutes. If you take 10 minutes, you are still above average. Good luck!

Write a one in the heart so that it is outside all other figures.

If it is false to deny that mice like cheese, place 2 where it will be only in the diamond and spade; other wise put it in the diamond alone.

If it is correct to deny that 7 X 8 equals 56, place a 3 under the 1, other wise place 4 within diamond, heart, and club.

If J is nearer G in the alphabet than K is to P put a 5 where heart and spade overlap; otherwise put it in the spade only.

If all rectangles are squares, place 6 where it will be within the heart and Diamond; otherwise put 7 there.

We know that all tigers are striped. If it is illogical to deny that whatever is not striped is not a tiger, place 8 in the club alone; otherwise cross out the 1 and write 9 there.