Subj:     Other Nationalities
..........(Includes 30 jokes, 02 1125n,19,cf,wXT2c,15)
..........Updated through 5 Year Old Genius Arden Hayes

Switzerland flag from
Animation Factory
Includes the following: 360 Degree Photo of Cape Town (S892)
........................Yakko's Nations Of The World - Video (S767)
........................Casteller - Video (S891)
........................Castle House Island - Photo/Web Page (S900)
........................5 Year Old Genius Arden Hayes - Video (S883)
........................Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot - Video (S685)
........................Swiss Meets Two Americans (S274)
........................'Initiation Well' in Sintra, Portugal (S972)
........................Brussels Flower Carpet 2008 (S616)
........................Illegal's Poem (S319b)
........................Domino World Record 2009 - Video (S671)
........................How Yodeling Was Invented (S315, S587)
........................Pearls Before Swine - Comic Strip (S979)
........................Mieders Alpine Roller Coaster w/No Brakes - Video (S844)
........................Dutch Homebuyers Ride Roller Coaster - Video (S935)
........................Short Nationality Jokes
.............................A Village With No Roads In Holland (S671b)
.............................Why Did Police Stop Them? (S633)
............................."Getting it Done" in the Third World (S580)
.............................Speaking Many Languages (S325b)
.............................Keukenhof, A Park In Holland - PPS (S540c)
.............................Language Statistics (S323b)
.............................Lake Leman, Switzerland, on January 26, 2005 (S476)
.............................The Running Of The Bulls (S470b)
.............................Belgian Man Has Marble Addiction - Video (S698b)

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         LOVE file    - 'Love In Many Languages'
         MUSIC2 file  - 'Mitchell Brunings On The Voice Of Holland' - Video
         OTH-ANIM-SUP2- 'The Tamri Goats Of Morocco'
         OTHER-SPORTS - 'Icelandic Soccer Toilet Celebration' - Video
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         WAITER-SUPP  - 'The Ultimate Racial Joke'

Subj:     360 Degree Photo of Cape Town
          From: tom in 2014 (S892d-On Site,SWF)

 To get the full 360 degree picture of Cape Town from this
 mountain top, click and drag the mouse up, and down, and
 side to side.  Click 'HERE' to see this very stunning photo.

Subj:     Yakko's Nations Of The
.............World (S767d-On Site,FLV)
          in 2011 (in Nat-Supp)

 Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs, usually referred
 to as simply Animaniacs, is an American animated series,
 distributed by Warner Bros.  Produced by Amblin Enter-
 tainment and Warner Bros. Animation.  The cartoon was
 the second animated series produced by the collaboration
 of Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros.  This animation
 was done during the animation renaissance of the late
 1980s and early 1990s.

 Animaniacs had a variety of music types.  Many Animaniacs
 songs were parodies of classical or folk music with a
 educational lyrics, such as Yakko listing the "Nations
 of the World" to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.

 Click 'HERE' to see all the nations of the world shown
 and their names stated in song in under two minutes.
 This video is very cute.

Subj:     Casteller (S891)
          From: tom in 2014 (d-iFrame)
Photo from

 The tradition of building castells originated in Valls,
 near the city of Tarragona, Spain, in the southern part
 of Catalonia towards the end of the 18th century.

 A castell is considered a success when stages of its
 assembling and disassembling, can be done in complete
 succession.  The assembly is complete once all castellers
 have climbed into their designated places, and the
 enxaneta climbs into place at the top and raises one
 hand with four fingers erect.  The highest towers have
 a height spanning of nine or ten people from ground up.

 Click 'HERE' to see these human tower being built.

Subj:     Castle House Island (S900) 
          From: tom in 2014
 Source: (Removed from facebookviralimagessolved)

Is this castle/house real?  If so where
is it.  If it's a Photoshop fake prove it.
 to learn the truth.
Subj:     5 Year Old Genius Arden Hayes
          From: Jimmy Kimmel Live Show
          in 2013 (S883d-iFrame)

 Adorable five-year-old genius Arden Hayes demonstrates his
 incredible wealth of knowledge in world geography on his
 second visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.  Click 'HERE'
 to see young Arden on Jimmy's TV show.

Subj:     Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot (S685d)
          From: on 2/24/2010
Photo from

 The Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken
 in 1990 by Voyager 1 from a record distance, showing it
 against the vastness of space.  By request of Carl Sagan,
 NASA commanded the Voyager 1 spacecraft, having completed
 its primary mission and now leaving the solar system, to
 turn its camera around and to take a photograph of Earth.
 It was subsequently used by Sagan as the title of his 1994
 book of the same name.  Click 'HERE' to see this wonderful,
 thoughtful video.

Subj:     Swiss Meets Two Americans (S274)
          From: Joke-Of-The-Day on 5/3/2002

 A Swiss man, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus
 stop where two Americans are waiting. "Entschuldigung,
 koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?" he asks.  The two
 Americans just stare at him.

 "Excusez-moi, parlez vous Francais?" he tries.  The two
 continue to stare.

 "Parlare Italiano?" No response.

 "Hablan ustedes Espanol?" Still nothing.

 The Swiss guy drives off, extremely disgusted.  The first
 American turns to the second and says, "Y'know, maybe we
 should learn a foreign language."

 "Why?" says the other. "That guy knew four languages, and
 it didn't do him any good."

Subj:     'Initiation Well' Sintra, Portugal (S972)
          From: Stacy on Facebook

Located near the historic center of Sintra,
Portugal lies the Quinta da Regaleira - a
spectacular estate that sits in a World
Heritage protected landscape.  While thousands
of tourists flock to the castle every year to
admire the unique architecture of the Quinta
de Regaleira that combines Gothic, Egyptian,
Moorish and Renaissance features, one of its
most fascinating features is located beneath
the ground - a pair of wells spiraling deep
within the earth. The wells were never used,
nor intended for water collection. Instead,
these mysterious underground towers were used
for secretive initiation rites.

At the bottom of one of the wells there is a
compass over a Knights Templar cross, which is
said to have been  Monteiro's herald and a sign
of his Rosicrucianism.

Subj:     Brussels Flower Carpet 2008 (S616d)
          From: darrellvip on 10/26/2008
Photo from

 Every two years people can admire the carpet of flowers on
 the Grand Place in Brussels.  This year, 700,000 begonias
 form the largest tapestry of the Savonnerie in the world.
 You can see four photos and two videos by clicking 'HERE'.

Subj:     Illegal's Poem (S319b)
          From: DafterLafter on 3/4/2003

 I cross ocean, poor and broke,
 Take bus, see employment folk.

 Nice man treat me good in there,
 Say I need to see welfare.

 Welfare say, "You come no more,
 we send cash right to your door."

 Welfare checks, they make you wealthy,
 Medicaid it keep you healthy!

 By and by, I got plenty money,
 thanks to you, American dummy.

 Write to friends in mother-land;
 tell them come fast as you can.

 They come in turbans and Ford trucks,
 I buy big house with welfare bucks.

 They come here, we live together,
 more welfare checks, it gets better!

 Fourteen families, they moving in,
 but neighbor's patience wearing thin.

 Finally, white guy moves away,
 now I buy his house, and then I say,

 "Find more aliens for house to rent."
 And in the yard I put a tent.

 Send for family they just trash,
 But they, too, draw the welfare cash!

 Everything is very good,
 and soon we own the neighborhood.

 We have hobby -- it's called breeding,
 Welfare pay for baby feeding.

 Kids need dentist? Wife need pills?
 We get free! We got no bills!

 American crazy! He pay all year,
 to keep welfare running here.

 We think America darn good place!
 Too darn good for the white man race.

 If they no like us, they can scram,
 Got lots of room in Pakistan.

Subj:     Domino World Record 2009 (S671)
          From: AOL on 11/17/2009
..........Source: (Removed from

 In Holland, 4,491,863 dominoes fell in a sequence lasting
 one-and-half-hours.  Click 'HERE' to see this world record
 get accomplishment.

Subj:     How Yodeling Was Invented (S315, S587)
          From: JokesUncut on 1/22/2003

 Have you ever wondered where and how yodeling began?
 California? Oregon? Switzerland?  Most believe it
 originated in Switzerland, but here's the real version.

 Many years ago a man was traveling through the mountains of
 Switzerland.  Nightfall was rapidly approaching and he had
 nowhere to sleep.  He went up to a farmhouse and asked the
 farmer if he could spend the night.  The farmer told him that
 he could sleep in the barn.

 As the story goes, the farmer's daughter came down from
 upstairs and asked her father, "Who is that man going into
 the barn?"

 "That's some fellow traveling through," said the farmer.
 "He needs a place to stay for the night, so I said he could
 sleep in the barn."

 The daughter said, "Perhaps he is hungry."  So she prepared
 him a plate of food and took it out to the barn.

 About an hour later, the daughter returned.  Her clothing
 disheveled and straw in her hair.  Straight up to bed she

 The farmer's wife was very observant.  She then suggested
 that perhaps the man was thirsty.  So she fetched a bottle
 of wine, took it out to the barn, and she too did not
 return for an hour.  Her clothing was askew, her blouse
 buttoned incorrectly and her hair all messed up.  She also
 headed straight to bed.

 The next morning at sunrise the man in the barn got up and
 continued on his journey, waving to the farmer as he left.
 When the daughter awoke and learned that the visitor was
 gone, she broke into tears. "How could he leave without
 even saying goodbye," she cried.  "We made such passionate
 love last night!"

 "What?" shouted the father as he angrily ran out of the
 house looking for the man, who by now was halfway up the
 mountain.  The farmer screamed up at him, "I'm going to
 get you! You had sex with my daughter!"

 The man looked back down from the mountainside, cupped his
 hand next to his mouth, and yelled out, "LAIDTHEOLADEETOO."

Subj:     Pearls Before Swine (S979)
          By Stephan Pastis on 10/17/2015
Subj:     Mieders Alpine Roller Coaster w/No Brakes
          Video cam footage by David J. Ellis
          From: AFine963 on 3/14/2013 (S844d)

 This is a single-pipe alpine coaster in Mieders, Austria.
 You reach the summit via a cablecar and then sit on a small
 car with a brake lever and off you go. Having ridden it
 once using a little braking, I decided to try it a second
 time without using the brakes.

 Click 'HERE' to enjoy this jaw dropping, high-speed, brake-
 less journey down the mountain. This is SCARY!

Subj:     Dutch Homebuyers Ride Roller Coaster (S935d)
          From: Mariano Fernandez on Facebook
Photo from

 A TV ad produced by broker Verder met Wonen shows potential
 clients riding a small coaster through a home to tour bedrooms,
 a garage and the backyard.  Click 'HERE' to see this very cute
 sales ad.

Subj:     Short Nationality Jokes

Subj:     A Village With No Roads In Holland (S671b)
          From: darrellvip on 11/19/2009
..........Source: (Removed from
 Giethoorn, a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel,
 is an international tourist attraction in the Netherlands.
 In the old part of the village, there were no roads and
 all transport was done by water.  Now there is a cycling
 path.  Click 'HERE' to see fourteen photos of this very
 beautiful village.

Subj:     Why Did Police Stop Them? (S633 in Harley)
          From: tom on 9/19/2009
 Or, "Why I love Barcelona!!!!!"
 Click 'HERE' to see these six photos of a motorcycle
 ride through Barcelona, Spain.

Subj:     "Getting it Done" in the Third World (S580)
          From: ginafm on 3/2/2008
 These fifteen photos are impressive illustrations of creativity,
 and stupidity.  Click 'HERE' to view them.

Subj:     Speaking Many Languages (S325b)
          From: on 4/21/03
 A person who speaks two languages is bilingual...A person
 who speaks three languages is trilingual...A person who
 speaks four or more languages is multilingual.

 What is a person who speaks one language?

 An American.

Subj:     Keukenhof, A Park In Holland - PPS (S540c)
          From: darrell94590 on 5/20/2007
 This Power Point Show is of a very beautiful park in
 Holland.  You can view it by clicking 'HERE'.

Subj:     Language Statistics (S323b)
          From: jerry on 4/7/2003
 Here are the most widely spoken languages in the world:
  1. Mandarin -- 1 billion speakers
  2. English -- 508 million
  3. Hindustani -- 497 million
  4. Spanish -- 293 million
  5. Russian -- 277 million
  6. Arabic -- 246 million
  7. Bengali -- 211 million
  8. Portuguese -- 191 million
  9. Malay-Indonesian - 159 million
 10. French - 129 million

 Scottish Daily Record 19-Mar-03

Subj: Lake Leman, Switzerland, on January 26, 2005 (S476)
      From: darrell94590 on 2/21/2006
 If you have ever wondered what cold looks like, or if it
 could be beautiful, view these pictures on by clicking 'HERE'.

Subj:     The Running Of The Bulls (S470b)
          From: LABLaughsClean2  on 1/18/2006
 Source: (Removed from
 The fact that a photographer even took this picture amazed
 me enough that I had to include it on my site.  You can
 view the picture by clicking 'HERE'.

Subj:     Belgian Man Has Marble Addiction (S698b,d)
          From: on 6/1/2010

 (Also see 'Amazing Marble Run' in Construction
   and see 'Rolling Ball plays Bach On Xylophone' in Asian-Supp)

 Belgian Television News captures the story of a bizarre
 man with a marble addiction.  Click 'HERE' for my copy, to
 see this strange story.

 When I was twelve years old, every kid in my neighborhood
 built a marble shoot in their closet.  We would see whose
 shoot would take the longest for the marble to reach the
 floor.  No one wanted to destroy their shoots, but we needed
 the stuff on the shelves.  Today I'm hooked on bridge, Zoo
 World, and collecting jokes, so I can relate to this happy,
 strange, old man.

 Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters.

 Percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28%
 Percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%

 Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than
 any other nation.

 The only nation who's name begins with an "A", but doesn't
 end in an "A" is Afghanistan.

From: on 4/2/2003 (S322b)
 If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the
 religion and avoid the people, you should just stay
 home.  -- James Michener

From: JBCARY1 on 8/22/2001 (S238)
 Q: What do Eskimos get from sitting on the ice too long?
 A: Polaroids.

From: igiggle on 1/23/2006 (S471c)
 Q: If a man was born in Australia, worked in America and
    died in Europe, what is he?
 A: Dead

From: on 4/27/2007 (S540b)
 Q: What do you call a Korean family with just one dog?
 A: Vegetarians

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..............................From Animated Gif Archive