Subj:     New Medal (S352b)
          From: samhutkins on 10/25/2003

 I believe this medal has a real future in our award system.

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Subj:     Weapons Of Mass Destruction (S336b)
          From: auntiegah on 7/7/2003

 from the web site at

These Weapons of Mass Destruction
cannot be displayed

The weapons you are looking for are currently unavailable. The
country might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may
need to adjust your weapons inspectors mandate.

Please try the following:
Click the Regime change button, or try again later.
If you are George Bush and typed the country's name in 
the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. 
To check your weapons inspector settings, click the UN
menu, and then click Weapons Inspector Options. On 
the Security Council tab, click Consensus.  The settings 
should match those provided by your government or NATO. 
If the Security Council has enabled it, The United States of 
America can examine your country and automatically 
discover Weapons of Mass Destruction. 
If you would like to use the CIA to try and discover them, 
click Detect weapons
Some countries require 128 thousand troops to liberate 
them.  Click the Panic menu and then click  About US
foreign policy to determine what regime they will install.
If you are an Old European Country trying to protect your 
interests, make sure your options are left wide open as 
long as possible. Click the Tools menu, and then click on 
League of Nations.  On the Advanced tab, scroll to the 
Head in the Sand section and check settings for your 
exports to Iraq.
Click the  Bomb button if you are Donald Rumsfeld.

Cannot find weapons or CIA Error
Iraqi Explorer

Find more on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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'Star Wars' Soldier of the Future 

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USMC BumperSticker 
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Subj:     The War (S250b)
          From: TAdams on 11/13/2001
          By Christopher Buckley on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2001

 Now and Then
 What if today's media covered World War II?

 Dec. 12, 1941: The City Council of Berkeley, Calif. approves,
 by 5-4, a resolution condemning as "warmongering" the recent
 U.S. declaration of war on Japan. In a statement, the council
 deplores "violence as a means of settling international
 disputes" and urges President Roosevelt to "sit down with the
 Japanese ambassador in Washington" and "enter into a meaningful,
 non-gender or race-based dialogue."

 Dec. 13, 1941: In an article for the New Yorker, Mavis Montag
 suggests that the U.S. "has only itself to blame" for the
 attack on Pearl Harbor.  However, she expresses satisfaction
 that America is now formally at war with Germany and will thus
 "be forced to aid the heroic struggle of the Soviet Union."

 [Picture here shows headlines from Jan 6, 1942 saying that
 "Media Frustrated at lack of US Victory in WWII.  How long
 is this thing going to drag out demand new kind of
 commentators called talking heads."]

 Jan. 30, 1942: In an interview on "Good Morning Nippon," a
 Japanese bomber pilot wounded over Pearl Harbor denounces
 the American Navy's attempt to defend itself from the attack.
 "They should have accepted our bombs as divine will," says
 Murama Takaji, 22, who appears on the popular morning show
 with both arms in a sling.  He says that once he recovers
 he hopes to join the elite Divine Wind ("kamikaze") squadron.
 "It would be a great honor to crash into an American ship,"
 he says. "I hear there are many pretty geishas in the next

 [Picture here of headlines from Feb 6, 1942 - "Media
 Executives chafe at War Department Restrictions on
 Reporting" "Why can't we go on Dolittle Raid over Tokyo"
 ABC News Chief complains"]

 Feb. 7, 1942: The head of ABC News retracts revelation of
 Doolittle mission.  "I misspoke," he says. "There actually
 is no secret plan to launch B-25 bombers off aircraft
 carriers to bomb Tokyo on April 18. Really."

 [Feb 18 1942 Headline - "Critics worried WWII could turn
 out to be a "quagmire"]

 [Mar 1, 1942 - "British Urged to halt bombing of occupied
 France during Lent.  Insensitivity to period of fasting
 and repentance could offend 'Christians' and strain

 April 20, 1942: Officials from the Japanese Imperial
 Ministry of Propaganda and Dissimulation give American
 reporters a tour of areas of Tokyo damaged in the
 Doolittle raid.  According to the officials, all bombs
 missed military targets, landing instead on nursery
 schools, hospitals, temples, infant formula factories
 and schools for handicapped children.

 April 21, 1942: The head of the United Notions expresses
"grave concern" over civilian casualties in yesterday's
 Doolittle raid over Tokyo. "If there are to be any more
 of these so-called 'daring' raids over Japanese population
 centers," he says, "American pilots must be more sensitive
 to collateral damage."

 [Apr 20, 1942 - "War Department puzzled over phrase
 'collateral damage'.  Military scholars and analysts unable
 to find term in dictionary."]

 [Jun 1, 1942 - "Nearly 60,000 Germans homeless after
 bombing of Cologne." "Churchill reports best sleep since

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