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Subj:.....Dating Ariane Walkthrough #3
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Going to Look Out Point

To solve "Look Out Point", Ariane needs three or
more drinks when you get out of the car.  Start
taking pictures asking for a sexy pose, then click
on her face to compliment her.  Keep alternating
between sexier poses, and compliment until you can
click on her waist and ask her to pose in her
underwear.  Keep alternating the requests until you
can click on jeep and ask for sexy poses by the car.

32. (click on couch),
Ariane says "Shall we dance, or
     do you want to make out a little?"
33. (click on lips) Kiss her,
34. (click) Stop kiss,
Ariane says "Are you enjoying this?"
35. (click on wine glass) Drink some wine,
36. (click) Stop drinking,
Ariane says "A drink might help me relax if you want to go further."
37. (click on carpet) Go to another room,
38. (click on jeep) Go for a drive,
Ariane says "That sounds nice!  But, I`ve had 3 glasses
     of wine tonight, you`d better drive. 
39. (click) Go for a drive,
Ariane says "You're driving, so you
     decide where we go.  We're a
     little low on gas, so we'd better
     gas up before we go anywhere far.
40. (click on pump) Go to gas station,
Ariane says "Going in for supplies...
     Cover me!   Plus, I need to see if
     my friend Jessie is working tonight.
41. (click on pump) Fill up tank,
Ariane says "Say Cheeeze! ***(flash)*** I bought one of those
     disposable cameras in there!"
42. (click) Hit the road,
Ariane says "Shall we go downtown,
     or visit the seedier parts of town?"
43. (click left road) Head to outskirts,
Ariane says "We`re on the outskirts
     of town now.  You`re driving;
     You`re in charge."
44. (click road)
     Take a scenic drive out of town,
Ariane says "A few miles further is Lookout Point,
     where you can see the whole city."
45. (click) continue drive,
Ariane says "This looks like a quiet secluded spot,
     Should we take advantage of it?
46. (click) Get out and look around,
Ariane says "Wow!  What a view!  Glad
     I brought the camera!"
47. (click) Enjoy the view,
Ariane says "Turn around, let me
     take your  picture!
48. (click) Ask to take her picture,
Ariane says "Okay, I'll just stand here and look pretty!"
49. (click) Take snapshot,
Ariane says "Take another one, and tell me how I should pose."
50. (click on her body)
     Ask her to try a modeling pose,
Ariane says "Here's a power pose
     for supermodels."
51. (click on face) Say 'Georgeous',
Ariane says "Thank you, how should
     I pose for the next picture?
52. (click on body)
     Ask her for an even sexier pose,
Ariane says "Here, I'll stick out my chest."
53. (click on face) Say 'Very sexy',
Ariane says "Thanks, Can you think of something even sexier?"
54. (click on her waist) Ask her to pose in her underwear,
Ariane says "Seems like an interesting request. OK, I'll take my
     pants off for some underwear photos, but I am leaving my shirt on.
55. (click) Take photo of her in her underwear,
Ariane says "Posing in my underwear. What do you think?"
56. (click on face) Say 'Nice legs',
Ariane says "Thank you, its not cold at all, who needs pants?
     What shall I do now?
57. (click on body)
     Action shot - Jump in the air
Ariane says "Cheap cameras do not
     always take good motion pictures."
58. (click on face) Say 'You would
     look good even in motion blur',
Ariane says 'Fine, but lets not
     waste film.  Think of something
     sexy for me to do.
59. (click on her body) Pull your shirt down over your panties,
Ariane says "Oh, make it look like I'm not wearing any undies.
     That's sexy."
60. (click on face) Say 'Yes, that's what I'm looking for.'
Ariane says "I like the sexy but semi-modest look.
     Maybe we should stick to that theme."
61. (click on jeep) Lets try some sexy poses by the car,
Ariane says "Oh the classic pinup pose by the hot rod look.
     This is not the most exciting car though."
62. (click on face) True, but you have the pinup look,
Ariane says "I'm having fun so far, lets do another, what do you suggest to improve the look?"
63. (click on Ariane) Your panties are not very sexy,
     a thong would be better,
Ariane says "Can't help you there but I could just
     take the panties off."
64. (click on face) Wow, that is daring and very hot,
Ariane says "I just did a semi nude photo.  This is exciting.
     Lets try less traditional, more provocative."
65. (click on Ariane) Step back, bend
     forward and stretch for the car,
Ariane say "This should be a cool photo.
     Hope no one drives by right now."
66. (click on face) I like that look,
     this is the best picture yet,
Ariane says "My heart is racing. I
     think I'm ready for something
     more daring, keep it tasteful"
67. (click on Ariane) How about a nude back shot,
Ariane says "OK, I am now naked."
68. (click) Thats a nice sexy pose,
Ariane says "This is fun. I think I'm ready for another nude shot."
69. (Click on Ariane) Pose facing forward,
Ariane says "Go for it, take a fully nude picture."
70. (click on face)
     Wow, you are incredible,
Ariane says "I can't believe I'm
     standing here naked in a public
     place. Its a little uncomfortable
71. (click on Ariane)
     Get in car and relax for a picture,
Ariane says "I'm feeling more
     relaxed already."
72. (click on face) Relaxed looks good,
Ariane says "Nice suggestion, the car is comfy,
     how about a little more erotic.
73. (click on Ariane) Try playing with your breasts,
Ariane says "OK, I'll squeeze my boobs a little
     and you take a picture."
74. (click on face) Your breasts are beautiful in any position,
Ariane says "I believe there are only three pictures left.
     I have an idea."
75. (click on face) Give her the camera,
Ariane says "OK, It's your turn. Take off your clothes and pose nude."
76. (click on face) Take off your cloths and pose nude,
Ariane says "Are you going to be modest and cover your genitals,
     or let it all hang out?"
77. (click on belly button) Let it all hang out,
Ariane says "Since you are not being shy, how about posing
     for a gratuitous penis shot?"
78. (click on face)
     Pose for gratuitous penis shot,
Ariane says "Perfect penis shot.  Thats
     more exposure than I have done."
79. (click) Is this sexy enough?
Ariane says "Nice penis shot. There
     is one picture left, lets make
     it a good one.
80.  (click on face) How about you touch my penis?
Ariane says "Take the picture of me grabbing your dick."
81.  (click) Ask for a blow job,
Click  to view the animation.
82.  (click) reach orgasm,
Ariane says "Hope you enjoyed that!...  Let`s just go home please!"
83.  (click on Ariane's waist) Return the Favor,
Ariane says " A little to the left... AAAUUUUUHHHHH... 
      thats the spot! Ahhh...,
84. (click) Stop licking her and take her home,
You are back at Ariane's front door and she says "I don't make
     this offer often, but I had a really great time and it is
     really getting late!  Would you like to spend the rest of
     the night here at my place?  Yes or No 
85.  (click on 'Yes'),
You are in Ariane's bedroom and she says "You`ve licked my pussy, so why don`t you spend the night?   Let me wash up first.
86.  (click on bed) Strip naked and wait,
Nude Ariane says "You like to sleep nude too?"
87.  (click on Ariane) Let her get in first,
Ariane says "Come on to bed, I won't bite...  Unless you
      want me to!  I`ve been thinking about this all night!"
88. (click) Climb in bed,
Ariane says "All right, you can sleep
     in my bed with me.  Better yet,
     let's have sex.  Here, let me
     get the lights."
89. (click) Have sex,
Click  to view the animation.
Ariane says "Ung Ung Ung Ung... uhuhuhuhuh... AHH AHHH AHHH"
90. (click) finish,
Ariane says "That was great.  Interested in another fuck?
     I want to go again, but I want to be  on top  this time.
91. (click) Go Again,
Click  to view the animation.
Adriane says "Oh... oh... oh... oh yeah...  oh yeah... oh yeah...
     Yeah! Ride 'em cowboy ride.  YEEE  HAWWWW"
92. (click) finish,
Ariane says "That was nice.  I haven't done  that in a long
     while.  It is almost morning already.  Maybe we should
     actually sleep a little."
93. (click) cuddle, and the game locks up.
If you have played any main line adequately, it's
conclusion should be an animated GIF of a
sex scene.
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