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Subj:.....Dating Ariane Walkthrough
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Having Sex With Rebecca

After the opening sequence, have Ariane put on her
swimsuit and get in the pool.  When you click on
the jeep, she will put on her black evening dress.
Go downtown and solve the Art Museum.  Next go to
the lingerie shopping and pick the proper lingerie.
Invite Rebecca to join you and go to the nightclub.
Dance with Ariane, and buy a round of drinks.  Last
follow Rebecca to the bedroom.

32. (click on bedroom) Go to the bedroom
     to put on a swimsuit,
Ariane says "Wait here while
     I put on my swimsuit."
33. (click on wall)
     Wait for her in the hallway,
34. (click) Go to the backyard,
35. (Click on pool) Go Swimming,
36. (click on pool) Get in pool,
37. (click on side of pool) Get out of the pool,
38. (click on house) Go back inside,
39. (click on jeep) Get dressed and go for a drive,
Ariane says "Downtown sounds good, but we should rinse off the
     pool water first.  Wait out here while take a shower
40. (click on wall) Wait for her in the hallway,
41. (click on wall) Take a shower,
Rebecca says "I decided to dress up
     for our trip downtown."
42. (click) Go Downtown,
Rebecca says "Shall we go downtown, or
     visit the seedier parts of town?"
43. (click on the road to the right)
Rebecca says "Hey!   The stores are open tonight, or
     we can hit the club or the museum.

The Art Museum is not needed to have sex with
Rebecca, but if you get at least two of the
three paintings right, it's a fun activity.

Going to the Art Museum

44. (Click on the building shown to the left)
     Go to the art museum,

Rebecca say "I love art, especially the classics.  Let`s
     see how well you know art by famous masters."
45. (click) Start tour,

46. to 48. You must answer two of the three questions
           about the following six paintings:
This is obviously a Picasso. 
What do they call this style?
Art Deco or Impressionism or Cubism

The answer is Cubism.

Painting #1
 Painting #2
Another nude painting. 
Who did this one?
Monet or Van Gogh or Titian

The answer is Van Gogh.

A Neo-Classical nude. 
Who painted this one?
Bouguereau or Cot or Adolphe

The answer is Bouguereau.

Painting #3
 Painting #4
Here is a Medieval painting. 
Who painted it?
Boticelli or Durer or Da Vinci

The answer is Durer.

This picture was done by a famous Renaissance painter.  Who was he?
Rembrandt or Michaelangelo or Raphael 

The answer is Rembrant.

Painting #5
 Painting #6
How Much do you know about art? 
Who painted this one?
Degas or Matisse or Renoir

The answer is Renoir.

After answering the three art questions, Ariane says "Well
   that  was educational!   Let`s do something else now."
49. (click) Hand out downtown,
Ariane says "Well the museum was fun, but we should do
     something else while we`re here.

Going to the Lingerie Shop

50. (Click on the building shown to right)
     Go lingerie shopping,
Ariane says "I need new lingerie,
     Help me pick out something.

50. (click) Go in Lingerie Store,
Ariane says "I`m looking for underwear that`s __________,
     __________, and __________. Black would be nice, too.
     Take a look around and see if you find a bra and
     panties that fits the bill.
51. (click) Take a look around,
If Ariane asks for comfortable, fashionable, and sexy,
     choose a straplesss bra and thong.
If Ariane asks for inexpensive, comfortable, and sexy,
     choose braless and classic style.
If Ariane asks for comfortable, fashionable, and inexpensive,
     choose sports bra and boyshorts.
If Ariane asks for inexpensive, fashionable, and sexy,
     choose wonderbra and bottomless.
52. (click) Wait while she try it on,
53. (click) Put cloths back on and buy it,
Ariane said "I'll take these today...  Hey didn't
     we go to college together?
"Hey there Ariane, It's me Rebecca.  Wow I haven't seen you
     in a while. My shift is almost over, do you want to go
     next door for some drinks and catch up?  I'll buy the
     first round." 
Ariane said "I'm here with a date.  I'll let him decide
     what we should do."
54. (click on Rebecca) Agree to drinks at the club
     with Ariane and Rebecca.
At the nightclub, Rebecca says "Wow, Ariane!  You look
     fabulous!   We should get together sometime!" 
Ariane said "That might be fun.  I'll have to check my
     schedule and e-mail you."
55. (click on Ariane) Ask Ariane to dance,
56. (click) Go back to the bar,
57. (click on the bar) Buy the next round of drinks,
Rebecca says "Ariane, would you like to dance?
     Maybe we can show these boys how its done !" 
Ariane said "Okay, I think I'll give it a shot!
     Woohooo!  Two sexy women on the dance floor !"
58. (click) Watch the two of them dance together,
Rebecca says, "Do you think your date enjoys watching us dance?"
59. (click on Rebecca) Let them
     continue to dance,
Rebecca said "A little skirt lift
     to show off your ass." 
Ariane said "Careful there!  I'm not wearing underwear!
     But I'm buzzing, so I don't care !"
60. (click on Rebecca) Let them continue to dance,
Rebecca says "Well, if that's  okay,
     what about a little breast exposure?" 
Ariane said "Oh, baby! 
     That feels soo good !"
61. (click) Break it up before
     they get caught,
Ariane said "DU-UDE!  You gotta help us!
     Bouncer says we gotta leave, but
     Rebecca and I are too drunk to drive!
62. (click to drive the girls home)
Back at Ariane's home,
Ariane said "Want to come in for a nightcap?" 
Rebecca says "Sure lets keep the party going"
63. (click) Stay for a drink,
Rebecca says "So this is your house?  Seems a bit small." 
Ariane said "It's big enough for me, and
     it has a large backyard, which I love."
64. (click) Have a drink,
Rebecca says "I'm feeling really tired, may not make it home.
     Is it OK if I crash here?" 
Ariane said "Yeah I guess, I REALLY need to use the bathroom."
65. (click on Rebecca) Follow Rebecca,
Rebecca says "So, do you think it would be too presumptuous if
     I took off all my clothes, and climbed in bed naked and
     waited for Ariane to come to bed?"
66. (click on bottom of Rebecca) No, it wouldn't be too presumptious,
Rebecca says "What are you waiting for, take off your
     clothes and join me."
67. (click on Rebecca) Strip naked
     and join Rebecca in bed,
Rebecca says "Shall we wait for Ariane?
    or should we just start without her?"
68. (click) Wait for Ariane,
Ariane said What fresh hell is this?
    I'm NOT engaging in a menage a trois
69. (click) Stay in bed,
Ariane says "I'm too tired and drunk to care about you two.
     Pardon me while I get ready for bed.
70. (click) Watch her undress,
Ariane says "Scoot over and make some room
     and neither of you better not snore"
71. (click) Scoot over and make room,
Ariane says "And if I hog the covers, tough shit, they are my covers."
72. (click) "Go to sleep",
Ariane says "Ow, I gotta pounding
     headache, and woke up this
     morning with two naked people
     in my bed.  Time to say goodbye.
     On a scale from 1 to 10...
     aww who gives a crap.
Note, since the last click said "Go to sleep" instead of "Have sex
     with Rebecca" and since there was no animated GIF at the end,
     I believe this ending is wrong.

If you have played any main line adequately, it's
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