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Includes the following:  Ripleys - Believe It Or Not! (S617b)
.........................Box Lunch Auction w/Anagram (S171)
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  An ANAGRAM, as we all know, is a word or phrase made by transposing
  or rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. An example is
       Dormitory = Dirty Room

Also see RIDDLES-SUPP2- 'Rearrange The Names'

     by John Graziano in 2008 (S617b)
 Source: www.gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2008/09/26

Subj:     Box Lunch Auction w/Anagram (S171)
          From: collins2 in 2000

 The church social was the lunch basket auction, when the
 gentlemen bid on the ladies' tasty homemade lunches.

 To make sure her beau, Bill, chose the right one, Rose
 secretly slipped him a note listing her meal's ingredients.
 Not wanting to seem too eager, however, she wrote her mouth-
 watering menu in code.

 "The words in bold print spell out the foods I've tucked
 into my basket," she whispered to her admirer.  "But just
 for fun, I mixed up the letters to form five anagrams.
 You'll have to decipher what they say."

 Unfolding her note, Bill read the following message:

 "My fondness for a farm boy will LEAD ME ON quickly TO ALSO
 ADAPT to livestock.  I will learn to SELL A COW and a FINE
 RED CHICK.  And when a lamb IS BORN WE will celebrate."

 Luckily, the infatuated lad was a whiz with words.  So when
 the auctioneer read off the contents of a blue and white
 wicker basket, he knew his sweetheart had packed it.

 Can you be as shrewd as Bill and serve up the five "goodies"
 Rose included in her cryptic picnic lunch?

Subj:     Anagrammed National Capitals
          From: Seattle Times
..........in 2008 (S648b)
 Source: (Removed from seattletimes.nwsource.com)

 This Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz's subject is "Anagrammed
 National Capitals".  Can you unscramble the letters to
 identify a national capital city, then name it's country.
 Click 'HERE' to test your skills.
 To see other Asimov quizes click on .
Subj:     Anagrams For Osama Bin Laden (S243b, S499c)
          From: apatten in 2001
 Source: (Removed from almostaproverb.com)

 Top 10 anagrams for Osama Bin Laden (or as Michelle calls
 him - uSUCKa bin Laden!)
 10. A lesbian nomad
  9. Alias "Boned Man"
  8. So I anal bad men
  7. And I blame a son
  6. No Asian bedlam
  5. I.D.: Mean Anal S.O.B.
  4. I, a sad nobleman
  3. A slain abdomen
  2. I'm so banal, Edna
  1. I model bananas

Subj:     TV Show Anagrams
          From: ArmaDillow on 97-07-14

 These are the mind-boggling  results of a TV show anagram
 contest from the October '96 issue of "Games Magazine."

 American Bandstand = Dancers ain't bad, man
 America's Funniest Home Videos = Oh, No!  Fad misuses cinema
    verite                (or) = Inane movie items used for cash
 America's Most wanted = A swat at crime demon
 The Andy Griffith Show = That "Howdy"ing Sheriff
 Dan August = A stud, a gun
 The Milton Berle Show = He thrills to be women
 Charlie's Angels = Lean girls chase
 Concentration = connection art
 The Dating Game = Get-a-dame night
 The Patty Duke Show = How pesky, that duet
 The Ed Sullivan Show = He should want Elvis
 Fresh Prince of Bel Air = Fine rap bro feels rich
 Geraldo = Real dog
 Gilligan's Island = Dang! Sailing ills...
 The Honeymooners = Oh, there's no money! He's my one-ton hero
 Lost In Space = So, let's panic! Tin S.O.S. place
 Magnum, P.I. = I'm a P.M. gun
 My Favorite Martian = I am E.T. in TV form
 Melrose Place = Compels a leer
 My Mother the Car = Thy chrome mater
 The People's Court = Help to prosecute
 Saturday Night Live = N.Y. TV satire? I'd laugh!
    (or) = A trendy laugh visit
 Sea Hunt = He's tuna; He's a nut
 Seinfeld = Snide elf
 Sesame Street = Me sees treats!
 The Simpsons = Son pests him
 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine = Can't keep Enterprise?  Sad!
 Three's Company = My rent: so cheap!
 The Rockford Files = Oft-fired Sherlock
 Third Rock From the Sun = Fresh hit! Not "Mork" crud
 Science Theatre 3000 = O yes! 3 retort to cheesy cinema
 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno = Late hit, he's got wit...
    Johnny who?
 Unsolved Mysteries = Story mess unveiled
 The Wonder Years = Dreary teen show

Subj:     Anagram Hall Of Fame Examples
          From: Daemonic Funnies Page

 These are examples of anagrams from the Anagram Hall of Fame
 page: (Attributions for anagrams (if known) are shown at the
 end of each anagram.)

 A Decimal Point = I'm a Dot in Place
 A Domesticated Animal = Docile, as a Man Tamed it
 A Gentleman = Elegant Man
 A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss = Stroller on Go, Amasses Nothing
 A Telephone Girl = Repeating "Hello"
 Alec Guinness = Genuine Class (Dick Cavett)
 Animosity = Is No Amity
 Astronomers = Moon starers / No more stars

 Barbie doll = I'll bare bod / Babe I'd roll / Liberal bod
 Butterfly = Flutter-by

 Christmas tree = Search, Set, Trim
 Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
 Clothespins = So Let's Pinch
 Conversation = Voices Rant On
 Contradiction = Accord not in it E. Tyron

 Darling I love you = leaving your idol / Avoiding our yell
 Debit card = Bad Credit (Mike Morton)
 Desperation = A Rope Ends It
 Disraeli = I lead, Sir.
 Dormitory = Dirty Room

 Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
 Evangelist = Evil's Agent

 Florence Nightingale = Nigel, Fetch an Iron Leg / Flit on
    Cheering Angel (Richard Stilgoe in "The Richard Stilgoe Letters")
 Funeral = Real Fun

 Heavy Rain? = Hire a Navy!

 Indomitableness = Endless ambition
 Internet Anagram Server = Isn't re-arrangement rave?

 MacDonalds = Clam and Sod
 Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler

 Patrick Stewart = A Crap Trek Twist
From: Tom_Adams on 99-02-11 (S107)
 President Clinton Of The USA - To Copulate He Finds Interns
 Presbyterian = Best In Prayer

 Semolina = Is No Meal
 Silicon Graphics = A Long Chip Crisis /
    Can logic ship, sir? / Gosh, sir, I can clip!
 Slot Machines = Cash Lost in'em
 Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Z's
 Software = Swear Oft
 Statue of Liberty = Built to Stay Free
 Student Information Processing Board =
    Computation Transgression Forbidden (MIT)
 Sunshine and Shadow = Show in Sun and Shade

 The Check is in the Mail = Claim "Heck, I sent it (heh)"
 The Cockroach = Cook, Catch Her
 The Country Side = No City Dust Here
 The Detectives = Detect Thieves
 The Earthquakes = That Queer Shake
 The Great New York Rapid Transit Tunnel =
    Giant Work in Street, Partly Underneath
 The Hilton = Hint: Hotel
 The Hospital Ambulance = A Cab, I Hustle to Help Man
 The Morse Code = Here Come Dots
 The Public Art Galleries = Large Picture Halls, I Bet
 The Railroad Train = Hi! I Rattle and Roar
 The Towering Inferno = Not Worth Fire Engine (the contest winner)
 The United States Bureau of Fisheries =
    I Raise the Bass to Feed Us in the Future
 The United States of America = Attaineth its cause, freedom
 Today is the first day of the rest of your life =
    Oft I'd satisfy the desire of your heart to fly (Cory Calhoun)
 Tom Cruise = So I'm Cuter

 Vacation Times = I'm Not as Active

 Western Union = No Wire Unsent

 [Quote by Vonnegut] Just because some of us can read and
    write and do a little math, that doesn't mean we deserve
    to conquer the universe = A masquerade can cover a sense
    of what is real to deceive us; to be unjaded and not
    lost, we must, then, determine truth (Cory Calhoun)
 [From Hamlet by Shakespeare] To be or not to be: that is
    the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. = In one
    of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent
    hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns
    rotten.(Cory Calhoun)
 US Presidents
    Why shouldn't America go re-elect President Clinton in Ninety-Six? =
    He has a prime or cunning tendency to wildly solicit Internet sex.
    (Cory Calhoun)
 William Clinton = I'm it, an ill clown
 William Jefferson Clinton = Firm clean fellow. Joint? Sin!
    (William Schmidt)
 William Jefferson Clinton = Jail Mrs Clinton: Felon wife
    (Ward Hardman)
 George Herbert Walker Bush = Huge Berserk Rebel Warthog
    (Mike Morton)
 George Bush = He bugs Gore (Mike Morton)
 Ronald Wilson Reagan = Insane Anglo Warlord
 Ronald Wilson Reagan = A long-insane Warlord (Anagram Genius)
 Ronald Wilson Reagan = No, darlings, no ERA law (Mike Morton)
 Ronald Reagan = A darn long era

From: Anaise on 98-03-25
   "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."
      --Neil A. Armstrong

    A thin man ran; makes a large stride; left planet, pins flag on
    moon! On to Mars!

From: tom on 5/27/2012
    The eyes = They see

Subj:     Other Anagrams

Subj:     Jewish Women And Chinese Food (S352)
          From: pns on 10/30/2003

 The Harvard School of Medicine did a study of why
 Jewish women like Chinese food so much.  The study
 revealed that this is due to the fact that Won Ton
 spelled backward is Not Now.

Cartoon from

From: humorlist-digest V3 #13 on 99-01-15 (S103)
 The phrase
 can be rearranged into

From: RFSlick 12/10/1999 (S149)
 Year Two Thousand can be rearranged into
 A Year To Shut Down

From: agrief on 12/13/2001 (S254)
 PRINCESS DIANA; When you rearrange the letters:

From: gheckman on 6/26/2002 (S282)
 George Bush: When you rearrange the letters:
 He bugs Gore

From: rickydwyman on 9/17/2005 (S453b)
 Election results; When you rearrange the letters:
 Lies - Let's recount

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