Includes 12 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                     Mirror from Grants Tribute
 Film protects
 Your neck
 And chin
 So your razor
 Won't dig in
. .
 If fewer strokes
 Are what you crave
 You're out of the rough
 Half a pound
 Half a buck
 Come on shavers
 You're in luck
 Hello druggist
 I don't mean maybe
 That's the baby
. .
 Makes shaving
 Grin game
 A skin game
 No matter how
 You slice it
 It's still your face
 Be humane
 It's a good
 Old Spanish custom
Take your mug 
 And brush
 And bust 'em
. .
 Shaving brush
 All wet
 And hairy
 I've passed you up
 For sanitary
 Take a tip
 For your trip
 No wet brush
 To soak
 Your grip
 The one horse shay
 Has had its day
 So has the brush
 And lather way
. .
 Tho tough
 And rough
 From wind and wave
 Your cheek grows sleek
Highway picture from 
Give Us Back/Our Burma Shave
. .
. .
Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .