Includes 15 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                Sign from Those Old Burma Shave Signs
 The best shave
 In any language
 A shave
 That's real
 No cuts to heal
 A soothing
 Velvet after-feel
. .
 Bargain hunters
 Gather 'round
 Fifty cents
 Half a pound
 Jingle book
 In every
 From New York town
 To Pumpkin Holler
 It's half a pound
 Half a dollar
. .
 For painting
 Barn or fence
 That shaving brush
 Is just immense
Give the guy 
 The toe of your boot
 Who tries
 To hand you
 A substitute for
 Lawyers, doctors
 Sheiks and bakers
 Mountaineers and undertakers
 Make their bristly beards behave
 By using brushless
. .
 Listen shavers
 Knock on wood
 When offered
 "Just as good"
 Political pull
 May be
Of use 
 For razor pull
 There's no excuse
 Several million
 Modern men
 Will never go back
 To the brush again
. .
 The cannoneers
 With hairy ears
 On wiry whiskers
 Used tin shears
 Until they found
 The tube's
 A whopper
 35 cents
 Easy shaving
 Low expense
 When the jar
 Is empty
 Wife begins to sing
 "For spices, jam & jelly
 That jar is just the thing"
. .
 You'll love your wife
 You'll love her paw
 You'll even love
 Your mother-in-law
 If you use
. .
Signs from
Two Lane Road

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
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