Includes 18 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 Bachelor's quarters
 Dog on the rug
 Whiskers to blame
 No one
 To hug
 Beneath this stone
 Lies Elmer Gush
 Tickled to death
 By his shaving brush
. .
 Bristly beard
 Or silky fuzz
 Just shave 'em back
 To where
 They was
 College boys!
 Your courage muster
 Shave off
 That fuzzy
 Cookie duster
 Every day
 We do
 Our part
 To make your face
 A work of art
. .
 Every second
 Without fail
 Some store
 Rings up
 Another sale
 He had the ring
 He had the flat
 But she felt his chin
 And that
 Was that
 Jonah took
 No brush
 To mop his face
 Where Jonah went
 He needed space
. .
 Lather was used
 By Daniel Boone
 He lived
 A 100 years
 Too soon
 Noah had whiskers
 In the ark
 But he wouldn't get by
 On a bench
 In the park
 Pity all
 The mighty Caesars
 They pulled
 Each whisker out
 With tweezers
. .
 That "pink toothbrush"
Is a curse 
 But that pink razor's
 A darn sight worse
 The answer to
 A shaver's dream
 A greaseless
 No brush
 Shaving cream
 The bearded lady
 Tried a jar
 She's now
 A famous
 Movie star
. .
 The game laws
 Ought to
 Let you shoot
 The bird who hands you
 A substitute
 Tho living costs
 Are upward bound
 Four bits
 Still buys
 Half a pound
 When cutting
 You don't need
 To leave one half
 Of them for seed
. .
 Your beauty, boys
 Is just
 Skin deep
 What skin you've got
 You ought to keep
  Burma-Shave products
The Burma-Shave Legend

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