Includes 23 signs

                       Title from The Fifties Web


. .                Logo on Road Sign from
 All these years
 Your skin
 Has dried
 Why not moisten
 Up your hide
 As you journey 
 Down the years
 Your mirror is
 The glass that cheers
 If you use
. .
 Cheer cheer
 The gang's
 All here
 Riding along
 Three million strong for
 Congressman Pipp
 Lost the election
 Babies he kissed
 Had no protection
 To win -- use
 Cooties love
 Bewhiskered places
 Cuties love the
 Smoothest faces
. .
 Ed's face
 Is rough
 And rugged
 Ed's wife
 Doesn't hug Ed
 Free! Free!!
 A trip
To Mars 
 For 900
 Empty jars
 Hole in one
 Is quite a feat
 Unless that hole
 Is in your meat
. .
 Hear about
 The jolly tar
 It smelled so good
 He ate
 A jar
 His tenor voice
 She thought divine
 Till whiskers
 Sweet Adeline
 If you
 And whiskers
 Do hobnob
 Some sailor gob
Will steal your squab 
. .
 If you're just
 An average man
 Wanting to look
 The best you can
 Jimmie said a naughty word
 Jimmie's mother overheard
 Soapsuds? No!
 He preferred
 Let's give the
 Clerk a hand
 Who never
 Palms off
 Another brand
. .
 Old McDonald
 On the farm
 Shaved so hard
 He broke his arm
 Then he bought
 Riot at
 Drug store
 Calling all cars
 100 customers
 99 jars
 Shaving brush
 And soapy smear
 Went out of
 Style with
 Hoops my dear
. .
 Smith Brothers
 Would look immense
 If they'd just
 Cough up 50 cents
 For half pound jar
 Special treatment
 Every hair
 Holds it up
 And cuts
 It square
The cream 
 Pa's razor blade
 The jar preserves
 Ma's marmalade
. .
 To every man
 His shave
 Is best
 Until he makes
The final tes 
 To get
 Away from
 Hairy apes
 Ladies jump
 From fire escapes
 Your razor
 Floats thru
 The hair
 With the
 Greatest of ease

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
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