Includes 33 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                     Ad from Digital Deli
 A silky cheek
 Shaved smooth
 And clean
 Is not obtained
 With a mowing machine
 Bathroom shelf
 Surprises me
 From shaving clutter
 It's now free
 I'm using
. .
 Cheek to cheek
 They meant to be
 The lights went out
 And so did he
 He needed
 With care
 Be alive
 When you
 Wants a sheik
 Strong of muscle
 Smooth of cheek
. .
 Fire! Fire!
 Keep cool
 Be brave
 Just grab
 Your pants and
 Fingers were made
 Before brushes --
 Use 'em
 They're much safer
 You can't lose 'em
 From Saskatoon
 To Alabam'
 You hear men praise
 The shave
 What am
. .
 Half a pound
 For half a dollar
 Isn't that
 A cheerful earful?
 If harmony
 Is what
 You crave
 Then get
 A tuba
 If HER whiskers
 Scratched YOUR cheek
 You would
 Send her out
 To seek
. .
 It's in
 The bag
 Of every man
 Who travels
 Lightly as he can
 Kids! Attention!
 44 best jingles
 Used so far
 In jingle book
 With tube or jar
 Little Willie
 Modern soul
 Busted Papa's
 Brush and bowl
 Nice work Willie
. .
 Who've tested
 Every brand
 Are just the ones
 Who now demand
 'Mid rising
 Soaring rents
 Still half a pound
 For fifty cents
 My neck was sore
 In front before
 And also
 Sore behind
. .
 No pulling
 At the whisker base
 A soothing film
 Your face
 On a highway ad
 He spied it
 Bough a jar
 Now glad he
 Tried it
 Other things have
Gone sky high 
 Half a dollar
 Still will buy
 Half pound jar
. .
 Paper hangers
 With the hives
 Now can
 Shave with
 Carving knives
 Rip Van Winkle
 Said he'd rather
 Snooze for years
 Than shave
 With lather
 Romances are wrecked
 Before they begin
 By a hair
 On the coat
 Or a lot on the chin
. .
 Salesmen, tourists
 All you other
 Don't forget your
 Say, big boy
 To go
 Thru life
 How'd you like
 A whiskered wife?
 Stomach ache!
 Doctor --
 Dentist --
. .
 Smooth guys sell 'em
 Easy marks use 'em
 Well groomed men
 Always refuse 'em
 The burma girls
 In Mandalay
 Dunk bearded lovers
 In the bay
 Who don't use
 The cannibals
 Took just one view
 And said
 He looks too nice
 To stew
. .
 The cream
 One hears
 The most of now
 Comes from a jar
 Not from a cow
 The crowd
 You see
 Around that store
 Are Burma-Shavers
 Buying more
 You've laughed
 At our signs
 For many a mile
 Be a sport
 Give us a trial
. .
 Week-old beard
 So masked his face
 His bull dog
Chased him 
 Off the place
Car from
Catch The Wave

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .