Includes 22 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 A Christmas hug
 A birthday kiss
 The woman
 Who gives this
 A scratchy chin
 Like bright
 Pink socks
 Puts any romance
 On the rocks
. .
 All little rhyming
 Jokes aside
 Don't be content
 Until you've
 Always remember
 On any trip
 Keep two things
 Within your grip
 Your steering wheel and
 Buy a jar
 Take it from me
 There's so
 Much in it
 The last half's free
. .
 College cutie
 Pigskin hero
 Bristly Kiss
 Don't pass cars
 On curve or hill
 If the cops
 Don't get you
 Morticians will
 Give hand signals
 To those behind
 They don't know
 What's in
 Your mind
. .
 Guys whose eyes
 Are in
 Their backs
 Get halos crossing
 Railroad tracks
 He married Grace
 With scratchy face
 He only
 Got one day
 Of Grace!
 He's the boy
 The gals forgot
 His line
 Was smooth
 His chin was not
. .
 It's best for
 One who hits
 The bottle
 To let another
 Use the throttle
 Just spread
 Then pat
 Now shave
 Prickly pears
 Are picked
 For pickles
 No peach picks
 A face that prickles
. .
 Put your brush
 Back on the shelf
 The darn thing
 Needs a
 Shave itself
 Said Juliet
 To Romeo
 If you
 Won't shave
 Go homeo
 Would irk a saint
 You hope they are
What you know 
 They ain't
. .
 Substitutes and
 Send 'em to
 Your wife's
 The bearded devil
 Is forced
 To dwell
 In the only place
 Where they don't sell
 You can't reach 80
 Hale and hearty
 By driving 80
 Home from
 The party
. .
 When you drive
 If caution ceases
 You are apt
 To rest
 In pieces
 With glamour girls
 You'll never click
 Like a

Burma-Shave painting from eBay sale...

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