Includes 23 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .           Animated  sign from MOTOR - Burma-Shave slogans
 At intersections
 Look each way
 A harp sounds nice
 But it's
 Hard to play
 Broken romance
 Stated fully
 She went wild
 When he
 Went wooly
. .
 Don't stick
 Your elbow
 Out so far
 It might go home
 In another car
 To Car
 Gates ajar
 Gets each
 At the base
 No ingrown hair
 On neck or face
. .
 He used
 For parachute
 Now rejects
 Every substitute
 A good deed
 For a scout
 Tell your dad
 All about
 If every sip
 Fills you
 With zip
 Then your sipper
 Needs a zipper
. .
 If man bites doggie
 That is news
 If face
 Scares doggie
 Better use
 Life is sweet
 But oh how bitter!
 To love a gal
 And then
 Not git 'er
 Remember this
 If you'd
 Be spared
 Trains don't whistle
 Because they're scared
. .
 Rhyme and reason
 Every season
 You've read
 The rhyme
 Now try the reason
 She kissed
 The hairbrush
 By mistake
 She thought it was
 Her husband Jake
 And marine
 Now get a shave
 That's quick and clean
. .
 Tail-chasing pup
 Follow and follow
 But never catch up
 The dear
 Who shops around
 That half a buck
 Buys half a pound
 The answer to
 A maiden's prayer
 Is a man
 Most anywhere
. .
 They missed
 The turn
 Car was whizz'n
 Fault was her'n
 Funeral his'n
 Trains don't wander
 All over the map
 For no one
 Sits on
 The engineer's lap
 When better
 Shaving brushes
 Are made
 We'll still shave
 Without their aid
. .
 When junior takes
 Your ties
 And car
 It's time to buy
 An extra jar
 When Peter Piper
 Pickle picker
 Kissed his gal
 His beard
 Would prick 'er
 From by-ways
 Cause crashes
 On highways

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .