Includes 23 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                      Ad from Digital Deli
 A girl
 Should hold on
 To her youth
 But not
 When he's driving
 A crossing
 Without looking
 Who will eat
 His widow's cooking?
. .
 "At ease," she said
 "Maneuvers begin
 When you get
 Those whiskers
 Off your chin"
 Brother speeders
 All together
 "Good morning, Nurse!"
 Buying defense bonds
 Means money lent
 So they
 Don't cost you
 One red cent
. .
 Can't shave daily?
 Tender hide?
 Now be honest
 Have you
 Drove too long
 Driver snoozing
 What happened next
 Is not
 Iceman's grandson
 Now full grown
 Has cooling system
 All his own
 He uses
. .
 If hugging
 On highways
 Is your sport
 Trade in your car
 For a davenport
 If you
 Don't know
 Whose signs
 These are
 You can't have
Driven very far
 Let's make Hitler
 And Hirohito
 Look as sick as
 Old Benito
 Buy defense bonds
. .
 Maybe you can't
 Shoulder a gun
 But you can shoulder
 The cost of one
 Buy defense bonds
 'Mid rising
 Soaring rents
 Still half a pound
 For fifty cents
 Of all
 The drunks
 Who drive on Sunday
 Some are still
 Alive on Monday
. .
 Pa acted
 So tickled
 Ma thot
 He was pickled
 He'd just tried
 Pa likes the cream
 Ma likes the jar
 Both like
 The price
 So there you are
 Shaving brush
 In army pack
 Was straw that broke
 The rookie's back
 Use brushless
. .
 Stores are full
 Of shaving aids
 But all you need
 Is this
 And blades
 Like unseen barter
 Often make one
 But smarter
 There's no whisker
 It won't soften
 Shave 'em close
 And not
 So often
. .
 To most brush shavers
 It's quite clear
 The yanks aren't coming
 The yanks are here
 Use brushless
 Traveling men
 Know ease
 And speed
 Their shaving kits
 Hold what they need
 What you shouted
May be true, 
 Did you hear
 What he called you?

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
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