Includes 12 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                Burma-Shave box from Diamond Beauty
 Does your husband
 Grunt and grumble
 Rant and rave
 Shoot the brute some
 Early to bed
 Early to rise
 Was meant for those
 Old fashioned guys
 Who don't use
. .
 Every shaver
 Now can snore
 Six more minutes
 Than before
 By using
 Film protects
 Your neck
 And chin
 So your razor
 Won't dig in
 Half a pound
 Half a dollar
 Spread on thin
 Above the collar
. .
 Many a wolf
 Is never let in
 Because of the hair
 On his
 It's a good
 Old Spanish custom
 Take your mug
 And brush
 And bust 'em
 One pound jar 85c
 Half pound jar 50c
 Big tube 35c
 Don't put it off
 Put it on
. .
 Shaving brushes
 You'll soon see 'em
 On the shelf
 In some
 The cannoneers
 With hairy ears
 On wiry whiskers
 Used tin shears
 Until they found
 Tho tough
 And rough
 From wind and wave
 Your cheek grows sleek
. .
 Within this vale
 Of toil
And sin
 Your head grows bald
 But not your chin -- Use
Thimbles from eBay sale

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .