Includes 19 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 Privates 1st class
 Show equal rank
 In the looking-glass
 A chin
 Where barbed wire
 Bristles stand
 Is bound to be
 A no ma'ams land
. .
 Better try
 Less speed per mile
 That car
 May have to
 Last a while
 Tickle Nancy
 Nancy lowered the boom
 On Clancy!
 Signalled left
 Then turned right
. .
 Was the mushy type
 Until his beard
 Grew over-ripe
 His rose
 Is wed
 His violet blew
 But his sugar is sweet
 Since he took this cue
 Is he
 Or just blind--
 This guy who drives
 So close behind?
. .
Face soft
 As woman's touch
 Yet doesn't cost you
 Near as much
 Perhaps your thrush
 Can't get thru
 The underbrush--try
 "No, no,"
 She said
 To her bristly beau
 "I'd rather
 Eat the mistletoe"
. .
 For faces
 Chapped and sore
 Keeps 'em comin'
 Back for more
 She put
 A bullet
 Thru his hat
 But he's had
 Closer shaves than that
 The wife
 Who keeps on
 Being kissed
 Always heads
 Her shopping list
. .
 The wolf
 Is shaved
 So neat and trim
 Red Riding Hood
 Is chasing him
 To steal
 A kiss
 He had the knack
 But lacked the cheek
 To get one back
 We can't
 Provide you
 With a date
 But we do supply
. .
 We've made
 Look so trim
 The local
 Draft board's after him
 Why is it
 When you
 Try to pass
 The guy in front
 Goes twice as fast?
   Burma-Shave soap
Vermont Country Store

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
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