Includes 21 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


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 6 million housewives
 Can't be wrong
 Who keep
 Their husbands
 Right along in
 A Christmas hug
 A birthday kiss
 The woman
 Who gives this
. .
 Cattle crossing
 Means go slow
 That old bull
 Is some
 Cow's beau
 Dinah doesn't
 Treat him right
 But if he'd
 Does your husband
 Grunt and grumble
 Rant and rave?
 Shoot the brute some
. .
 For shaving comfort
 A sting
 That big blue tube
 Has everything
 A trip
 To Mars
 For 900
 Empty jars
 Grandpa knows
 It ain't too late
 He's gone
 To git
 Some widder bait
. .
 His crop of
 Needed reaping
 That's what kept
 His Lena leaping
 Jar so big
 Cost so small
 Shave of all
 One shave lasts
 All day through
 Face feels
 Cool and
 Smoother too
. .
 Slow down, Pa
 Sakes alive
 Ma missed signs
 And five
 Can let you down
 Than a
 Strapless gown
 Your life
. .
 The big blue tube's
 Just like Louise
 You get
 A thrill
 From every squeeze
 The blackened forest
 Smoulders yet
 He flipped
 A cigaret
 The monkey took
 One look at Jim
 And threw the peanuts
 Back at him
 He needed
. .
 Tho stiff
 The beard
 That Nature gave
 It shaves
 Like down with
 To change that
 Shaving job
 To joy
 You gotta use
 The real McCoy
 Try a tube
 Its cooling
 Refreshes like
 An April shower
. .
 Within this vale
 Of toil
 And sin
 Your head grows bald
 But not your chin
Burma_Shave Lotion
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Separator from Mamarocks
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