Includes 16 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .                Sign from Burma Shave and Route66 Songs
 At a quiz
 Pa ain't
 No whiz
 But he knows how
 To keep Ma his
 Baby your skin
 Keep it fitter
 Or "baby"
 Will get
 Another sitter
. .
 Try passing
 On a slope
 Unless you have
 A periscope
 Don't leave safety
 To mere chance
 That's why
 Belts are
 Sold with pants
 Drinking drivers--
 Nothing worse
 They put
 The quart
 Before the hearse
. .
 He lit a match
 To check gas tank
 That's why
 They call him
 Skinless Frank
 If daisies
 Are your
 Favorite flower
 Keep pushin' up those
 Many a forest
 Used to stand
 Where a
Lighted match 
 Got out of hand
. .
 With whiskers
 'Neath their noses
 Oughta have to kiss
 Like eskimoses
 Passing cars
 When you can't see
 May get you
 A glimpse
 Of eternity
 Said farmer Brown
 Who's bald
 On top
 Wish I could
 Rotate the crop
. .
 The draftee
 Tried a tube
 And purred
 Well whaddya know
 I've been defurred
 The one who
 Drives when
 He's been drinking
 Depends on you
 To do his thinking
 The poorest guy
 In the
 Human race
 Can have a
 Million dollar face
. .
 This cooling shave
 Will never fail
 To stamp
 Its user
 First class male
 Use this cream
 A day
 Or two
 Then don't call her--
 She'll call you
  Sign from
Burma Shave

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
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