Includes 16 signs

Title from The Fifties Web


. .               Sign from Burma Shave and Route66 Songs
 Who guard you
 When you drive
 Reture at 65
 Met Anna
 Made a hit
 Neglected beard
 Ben-Anna split
. .
 Bristles scratched
 His cookie's map
 That's what
 Made poor
 Ginger snap
 Dear lover boy,
 Your photo came
 But your doggone beard
 Won't fit
 The frame
 Dim your lights
 Behind a car
 Let folks see
 How bright
 YOU are
. .
 Just remember, pard
 That marble slab
 Is doggone
 Forest fires
 Start from scratch
 So think before
 You toss
 That match
 Henry the Eighth
 Sure had
 Short term wives
 Long term stubble
. .
 Others claim
 Their product good
 But ours
 Does what
 You think it should
 Statistics prove
 Near and far
 That folks who
 Drive like crazy
 Tempted to try it?
 Follow your hunch
 Be "Top Banana"
 Not one
 Of the bunch
. .
 Thirty days
 Hath September
 June and the
 Speed offender
 This cream
 Is like
 A parachute
 There isn't
 Any substitute
 This will never
 Come to pass
 A back-seat
 Out of gas
. .
 Use our cream
 And we betcha
 Girls won't wait
 They'll come
 And getcha
 We've made Grandpa
 Look so youthful
 His pension board
 He's untruthful
Two Lane Roads

. .

Separator from Mamarocks
. .
. .