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Subj:     How To Make A Ring From A One Dollar Bill (S392b)
          From: Joe Leon on July 31,2004
Step 1.
Fold the back, bottom clear edge
onto the front side.
Step 2.
Fold the top front edge
almost to the bottom.
Step 3.
Fold the top edge again.  This
time all the way to the bottom.
This is your ring width.
Step 4.
Flip the bill over so it reads 'One Dollar'.
Fold back the right margin.  This right
'One' will be the front of your ring.
Step 5.
Fold up the left side through the first 'N'
so that a champagne glass image remains
from the 'N'.
Step 5.5
Roll the folded up side once to the right.
Step 6.
Flip the bill over, and hold it between
the thumb and index finger of your
left hand.
Step 7.
Wrap the left side around your left
index finger and under your thumb.
Step 8.
Flip the top flap down as shown.
Step 9.
Flip the left flap over the front
and tuck the white folded part
behind the flap hanging down.

Some adjustment must be done here
to center the number one and make
it esthetically pretty.

Step 10.
Flip the bottom flap inside the ring
and tuck it into slanted pouch.

Step 11.
Fold over the top and bottom edge
of the inside of the ring to make it

Two dollar bills make wonderful
rings for grandchildren.

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