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Subj:     Penny And Money Quizes (S482b)
             From: AOL News on 4/22/2006

A Penny for Your Thoughts, and
1.4 Cents for the Penny
By FLOYD NORRIS, The New York Times

(April 22) - What happens if a penny
is worth more than 1 cent?

That is an issue the United States Mint could soon face if the price of metals keeps rising. Already it costs the mint well more than a cent to make a penny.  Last year, the U.S. Mint made 7.7 billion pennies -- more than the number of all the other coins it produced. 

Take the Penny Quiz and the Money Quiz below to see how much you know about your money.

Penny Quiz

1 .  What was the first currency authorized by the U.S. government?
      The dollar coin
      The dime
      The penny

2 .  How many pennies has the government minted since 1787?
      More than 300 billion
      More than 30 billion
      More than 3 billion

3 .  What year was the Lincoln cent introduced?

4 .  What is the lifespan of the average penny?
      10 years
      25 years
      50 years

5 .  How many different penny designs have been used throughout U.S. history?
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Money Quiz

1 .  Who appears on both the penny and the $5 bill?
      Thomas Jefferson
      Abraham Lincoln
      George Washington

2 .  Who appears on the $20 bill?
      Benjamin Franklin
      Andrew Jackson
      Ulysses Grant

3 .  Who appears on the $50 bill?
      Harry Truman
      Dwight Eisenhower
      Ulysses Grant

4 .  Who appears on the $100 bill?
      Woodrow Wilson
      Benjamin Franklin
      Thomas Edison

5 .  Who appears on the nickel?
      John Adams
      Thomas Jefferson
      Abraham Lincoln

6 .  Who appears on the dime?
      Franklin Roosevelt
      Teddy Roosevelt
      Dwight Eisenhower

7 .  Who appears on the quarter?
      George Washington
      Benjamin Franklin
      Andrew Jackson

8 .  Who appears on the $2 bill?
      George Washington
      Thomas Jefferson
      Susan B. Anthony

9 .  Who appears on the $10 bill?
      Andrew Jackson
      Benjamin Franklin
      Alexander Hamilton
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