To begin play, click on the black part of the screen to activate it for keyboard entry. 

Playing hints
1. Draw a map as you go, there are a lot more places than you think and without a map you will get lost. 

2. To speed things up you may use the following abbreviations N, NE. NW, S, E, W, U, D, etc. for Go North, Northeast, Northwest, South, East, West, Up, Down, etc. 

3. I is short for Inventory and will list what you're carrying. 

4. Some (but not all) of the words available that you may find useful are: -- Get, Take, Drop, Go, Examine, Read, Save, and Look ... There are others!!!  Instructions are entered by you in the form of two word commands with the first word being a verb like OPEN MAILBOX, or READ LEAFLET. 

Please note that SAVE and RESTORE may not available due to applet security restrictions. Leaving this page may or may not restart the game depending on the behavior of your browser.