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Subj:    Bridge Challenge #21 (S526c)
          From Chapter 1 - "Dummy Play", page 18

From the book Card Play Technique 
              by Victor Mollo and Nico Gardener 
              Published in 1985 by 
              Faber and Faber

Assuming adequate entries, how do you play?

1. A x x opposite Q J x x in dummy to make three tricks.

2. Same as above, but no side entry to your hand.

3. Q x x opposite K 10 x to make two tricks.

4. A 4 3 2 opposite Q 10 9 8 to make three tricks.

5. A 4 3 2 opposite Q 10 6 5 to make three tricks.

6. Q 9 8 opposite 10 7 4 to make one trick.


1. Ace first, then a small one toward the Q J x x.  If the Queen holds, re-enter your hand and lead again toward the dummy.  The point of the hand is not to finesse.  This cannot gain - since you are missing the ten -  and it can easily cost a trick if the suit breaks 4-2.

2. A small card toward the Queen.  If the queen holds, the Ace will provide an entry to play once more toward the dummy.

3. A small card toward the Queen.  Then finesse against the Jack.

4. Play for split honors.  Lead the ten and run it.  If it loses to the Jack, finesse against the King next time.

5. Ace first, then a small one.  If no honor appears, it is a guess.  But - if there is no indication - the ten is the best bet.

6. Run the ten, hoping that the Jack is under the Queen.  If the trick is taken by the Ace or King, re-enter your hand and finesse again.


These are six examples from the book "Card Play Techniques".  Buy the book,
read it, and rereat it a dozen times.  It will improve your bridge game.