Problem #2 
From: edapsmas on 9/14/2007 

This is NOT a bridge column from the newspaper, but instead from a book by Mike Lawrence. 

As East you hold: 
J 10 
A K Q 
Q 9 8 7 3 
A K 7 
The bidding proceeds: 
   W   N   E  SOUTH 
   1S  P   ? 


What do you bid and what is your plan? 

I did NOT get either of the book's two solutions.  I would have bid 2 Diamonds.  After my partner's second bid, I would have bid 4 No Trump, asking for Aces.  I would have positioned the final contract in either No Trump or Spades depending on my partner's second, and his third bids.  I'm sure I'm wrong, but I can't understand the book's two solutions. 

You can view the book's two solutions by clicking 'HERE'.