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Subj:.....Bridge Challenge #13 (S518c)
          From Part III - "Problem Hands", page 206

From the book Winning Declarer Play 
              by Dorothy Truscott 
              Published in 1969 by Harper and Row
S - 8 7 5
H - Q J 4 2
D - A J 2
C - 6 3 2

S - 9 2
H - A K 10 9 8
D - K 10 3
C - A K J

South dealer.  East-West Vulnerable

The bidding:     SOUTH     WEST     NORTH     EAST
                 1 Heart   Pass     2 Hearts  Pass
                 4 Hearts  Pass     Pass      Pass

Opening lead: Spade King

West leads the king and ace of spades and continues with a third spade to East's queen, which you ruff.  You now cash two rounds of trumps and both opponents follow.  What is your plan for the rest of the hand?

Answer: It is impossible to go down with correct play.  Simply cash the ace and king of clubs and lead the club jack.  Whoever wins the queen will be forced to solve all your problems for you by either leading a diamond or giving you a ruff and a discard.

Why rack your brains looking for a queen when you can force an opponent to do the job for you with 100 percent efficiency?


This is one example from Dorthy Truscott's book "Winning Declarer Play." 
Buy the book, read it, and rereat it a dozen times.  I guarantee it will 
improve your bridge game.