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Carlsbad Caverns is an astonishing underground maze 
of natural chambers and tunnels. It is situated in the foothills of the Guadeloupe Mountains in the extreme 
southeastern corner of New Mexico. These vas 
subterranean spaces include the largest single cave in the United States.
The caverns were first discovered in 1901 when a 
huge number of bats were observed flying out of 
an opening in the ground. Carlsbad Caverns was 
declared a national monument in 1923, and the 
surrounding lands were designated a national park 
in 1930. Through some 23 miles of passages have 
been explored, the total length of the passages 
probably will never be known. 
Geologists believe that the caverns began forming 
about 60 million years ago, when the same earth 
movements that raised the Rocky Mountains broke 
up the limestone reef bordering a shallow inland sea. 
The water seeped into the breaks, and when he sea 
receded, between five million and one million years 
ago, it left the hollowed-out chambers found today. 
Since then, the slow leak of surface water has created fantastic stalagtites and stalagmites on ceilings and floors.
The deepest discovered level of the Carlesbad Caverns
is 1,100 feet underground. the largest cavern, called the Big Room, has a floor area as large as 14 football fields.

Since this was once filled with a sea, can you imagine what's at the bottom of our oceans now?


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