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RE-bus picture from Uncle Art's Funland Comics on 2/8/04
      A rebus is a puzzle that consists of pictures of objects, signs,
   etc, which by the sound of their names suggest words or phrases.
.............................................Definition from Mistretta's Online Newsletter                              .
............The web site Historic New England has a nice one page explanation of rebus at http://www.spnea.org/NEHM/2003WinterSpringPage05.htm

In 1977 the Falstaff Brewing Corp was purchased by a California based
holding company  who also owned  General Brewing  (Lucky Lager). 
Rebus puzzles appeared on Ballantine Ale, Ballantine Beer, Ballantine
India Pale Ale,  Falstaff,  Haffenreffer, Kassel,  Lone Star,  Lucky Lager,
Narragansett, Pearl, Rainier Ale, Regal, and Texas Pride  during the
1970's and the 1980's.  They were called "Crown Ticklers".

The 413 puzzles were manufactured in eight series.
      Series I were puzzles 1 to 55
      Series II were puzzles 56 to 114
      Series III were puzzles 115 to 163
      Series IV were puzzles 164 to 222
      Series V were puzzles 223 to 269
      Series VI were puzzles 270 to 317
      Series VII were puzzles 318 to 365
      Series VIII were puzzles 366 to 413
Usually you only got caps from one series in a given area at a given time.

Ballantine six pack from
Mistretta's Italian Market

I want to thank Tracy for all his help.  He used to sell puzzle caps
from series I, II, VI and VIII on EBay using the name  gcmt1815.
If you bought a set of 50 unused caps from him, he would send you a complete
list of the puzzle solutions.  Without Tracey's help, it would have been impossible to set up this site.  He filled in my missing caps in his four series and critiqued this bottle cap site.  Thank you again Tracy for all your help.

The goal of displays all  414  puzzles (there are two #3 puzzles) on this site is completed.  This was accomplished because of the efforts of eleven people who mailed me the needed caps.  Individual thank-yous to each of them are included on this page.

You can contact me at  JokeLibrary@AOL.com  with any comments or suggestions.   I check my email there every Sunday.



 Series I
caps 1 to 55
Caps 1 to 10
Caps 11 to 20
Caps 21 to 30
Caps 31 to 40
Caps 41 to 55
 No missing caps
Series II
caps 56 to 114
Caps 56 to 70
Caps 71 to 80
Caps 81 to 90
Caps 91 to 100
Caps 101 to 114
No missing caps 

 Series III
caps 115 to 163
Caps 115 to 130
Caps 131 to 140
Caps 141 to 150
Caps 151 to 163
No missing caps
 Series IV
caps 164 to 222
Caps 164 to 180
Caps 181 to 190
Caps 191 to 200
Caps 201 to 210
Caps 211 to 222
No missing caps

 Series V
caps 223 to 269
 Caps 223 to 240
 Caps 241 to 250
 Caps 251 to 260
 Caps 261 to 269
 No missing caps
Series VI
caps 270 to 317
 Caps 270 to 280
 Caps 281 to 290
Caps 291 to 300
 Caps 301 to 317
 No missing caps

 Series VII
caps 318 to 365
 Caps 318 to 330
 Caps 331 to 340
Caps 341 to 350
Caps 351 to 365
No missing caps
Series VIII
caps 366 to 413
 Caps 366 to 380
 Caps 381 to 390
 Caps 391 to 400
 Caps 401 to 413
No missing caps

Drawing from tom on 8/21/2009
  After completing my puzzle beer cap collection from the Falstaff Brewing Corp, I have extra caps.   I will sell you
fifty, unbent, clean Lucky Lager puzzle, beer caps for
$30.00.   The caps will all have different, random numbers.
That's fifty cents a cap plus five dollars shipping.   If you
Drawing from
make me search for a certain cap, I will charge you five dollars a cap plus shipping.
Email me at JokeLibrary@aol.com.   I check this email every Sunday.

I put the above ad on this web page on June 24, 2009.  Today is Sept. 23, 2009
and I have sold three packs of fifty puzzle caps and one single requested cap.
Maybe I will be able to recover some of my cost for buying the caps to make
this web page.   Show your beer drinking buddy that you care, buy him (or her)
fifty puzzle caps.

On Sept. 3,2010, a single cap sale of #278 was completed.  Everyone has a
favorite puzzle cap.  Mine was # 56.  It took me six months to figure it out.

On Nov. 30,2010, Margie from Lansing, MI bought fifty puzzle caps for
a birthday present for a friend who loved the caps back in 1980.

On Sept. 19,2011, Scott from Solvang, CA bought fifty puzzle caps.  He
wrote me the following wonderful note:
My father-in-law, Ivan, passed away two weeks ago.  We are having a get-together to honor/remember him.
Many years ago, Ivan's back yard was the central meeting location for family and friends.  He and his wife
were frugal and always had Lucky Beer to serve the masses.  We spent many afternoons and evenings
opening Lucky bottles and challenging one another to solve the rebuses.  All the caps were tossed into a
flowerpot in the middle of the outdoor table and there was quite a collection (hundreds).  I figured the caps
would make a great memory for all of us in attendance this weekend.

On Oct. 27,2011, Adam from Chestnut Ridge, NY bought a single cap #98
to complete his collection.  I am glad that I could help Adam complete
his dream.

On Nov. 4,2011,  Denise from Pomona, CA bought 200 different puzzle
caps to use in her classroom to teach her students about rebus puzzles.
The last two sales were done with PayPal.  This really speeds up the
sale and is quite amazing to us old folks.

On Nov. 12,2011, Don from Ghent, MN bought 50 puzzle caps to use
at his Thanksgiving family gathering.  I find it interesting that all ten
of these sales in 2009 through 2011 have occured during the months
of Oct., Nov., and Dec., but none of them was for a Christmas present.

On Jan. 7,2012, Bobby of San Rafael, CA bought 75 puzzle caps to
teach his nephews rebus wisdom.

On Feb. 26,2012, Skip from Kent, WA bought a Lucky cap, #36, "Easy
come, easy go."  His friend who shared puzzle caps with him has died.
His buddy was such a fan of the puzzles and always known to have a
six-pack nearby for more puzzles to be solved.  Skip wants this cap for
this time of remembering.

On Mar. 26,2012, Linda from Coventry, CT bought 50 puzzle caps
using her Verizon Wireless BlackBerry.  Every communication I had
with Linda went through her cell phone.  At one point, she wrote "Yes
all internet stuff (paypal - ebay - and cell service) amazes me too."

On Apr. 13,2012, Kathy from Puyallup, WA bought 50 puzzle caps.
She wrote "As a child, my dad and his best friend would work in the
garage and they would hand me a box of caps to sort through and
figure out the puzzles to keep my busy...  I can't wait to give these
caps to my dad."

On June 11,2012, Melissa from Modesto, CA bought 50 puzzle caps
for Father's Day.  I learned two things from this sale.
...1. You can send money through PayPal to any email address,
......even if the email address doesn't have a PayPal account.
...2. Don't ship the puzzle caps until you have the payment.

On July 30,2012, Chris from Culberson, NE bought 60 puzzle caps
for her uncle who is recovering from a heart transplant.  She received
an extra ten caps because she sent five dollars too much.

On Aug. 18,2012, Margie from Santa Cruz, CA bought 60 puzzle
caps.  Like Chris, she sent me five dollars too much, so I shipped
her an extra ten caps.

On Dec. 1,2012,  Sarah from Chattanooga, TN bought 25 puzzle
caps to be a Christmas gift for her dad.  She wrote "We used to
do the puzzles together when I was a kid.  I'm going to make
magnets out of them for his fridge."

On Jan. 22,2013, Lisa from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
bought 10 puzzle caps for her dad's 80th Birthday.

On Nov. 14, 2013, Pam from Mount Clemens, MI bought a
Falstaff Lite, #305, "Police headquarters."  Pam and a friend
went to school in Big Rapids.  They had a hard time solving
this puzzle in the mid 80's.  Pam wants to give her friend this
cap to remember the good times in school back then.

On Mar. 20, 2014, Tom from Staten Island, NY bought a
Beer Stein #236, and a "Lite" #290.  Go to the "Help"
section below to see what Tom had hoped to get.

On July 29,2014, Meg from Bellingham, WA bought 50
Lucky Lager puzzle caps.  She wrote "My husband and I
remember coming across a stash of them in an Alaskan
park in 1972 and were wishing we had some.  We still
laugh at Pick up Litter, which originally thought was
truck stretcher."  To the right is this puzzle cap #48.

On Aug. 4,2014, Meg (see above) bought 50 more caps
so that she and her husband would have 100 different
puzzle caps to reenjoy.

On August 11,2014, Luke from Vancouver, Canada bougth 
100 Lucky puzzle caps.  He wrote 'an old high school buddy
is getting married and the caps are a present for him.'
One of the caps Luke received was puzzle cap #69.  I believe 
this is the most famous Lucky Lager cap of all.
On May 2,2015, Keith from Dickinson ND bought sixty
Rainier puzzle caps.  Those were my last Rainier caps,
but I still have a lot of Lucky Lager caps that need a home.

On March 12,2018, Larry from Cornelius, NC bought sixty
puzzle caps (mostly Lucky Lager). I appreciate Larry
giving these great puzzles a home.  Still more caps need to
be adopted to good families.

recognitions Sign altered from MyParkingSign.com
I would also like to thank Gabby Talkington for his help in filling in my missing
puzzle caps.  Gabby had thirty-one caps which filled in a lot of Series VII.

Bad Jonnie in Hawaii has been a big help in filling in my blanks.
He had 327, 346, 352, 355, 359, and three new tops.  Thank
you Jonnie for being a good friend to me and this site. He has
an excellent collection of puzzle caps at http://badjonnie.com/ljg/

  I want thank Norman Cote of New Hampshire for six
new puzzle caps he added to this collection.  The caps had
crowns (tops) shown here on the left.  They came from
Haffenreffer Private Stock Malt Liquor  (Narragansett Brewing Co. Wilkes-
Barre, PA) and from Ballantine Ale  (Falstaff Brewing - Milwaukee, WI).

Ronald H. Monroe from Kent, Washington sent me caps 161,
167, 171, 177, 178, 183, 189, 194, 197, 199, 201, 211, 212, 216
and the Regal crown.  I didn't know that Regal made puzzle
crowns.  Ron thank you for all your help.

  I've searched for the last nine missing caps each day on eBay
for over a year.  Robert Marsoli of North Haven, CT donated
329, 334, 341, and 365.  Thank you Robert for both the caps
and for raising my spirits.  I wasn't sure that anyone but me had been to
this site.   Thank you again Robert.

Robert explained to me that Ballantine Ale is still being sold with puzzle caps.  It is wonderful news that beer drinkers can still enjoy the challenge

  of these cute puzzles.  You can locate stores in your area that sell
Ballantine Ale at http://www.falstaffbrewing.com/wherecan.htm
Ballantine sign from Pabst Brewing Company
Greg Brady of Pennsylvania donated #348.  Thank you Greg.
  Gabe of Brooklyn, NY gave me # 350 and # 363.  He collects
Ballantine Ale and sent me two singles from his collection.
Thank you Gabe.
Walter Kosack from North Haven, CT tried to send me #336, but the post office's stamping machine removed it from the envelope.  Thank's Walt for the effort.  This collection will get done eventually.
  Paul Pasemann from Texas sent me #336.  He pointed out that
Lone Star beer still has puzzle caps.  Thanks Paul for helping
this silly collection.
Jim Haboustak of South Euclid, OH gave me #339.  God bless you
Jim for your kindness.  The collection is done.  I would love to get
a second #337 because mine is bent, but it isn't needed. My wife
laughs when I mention it.  I can stop spending a half an hour on eBay every morning.
Thank you again Tracy, Gabby, Jonnie, Norman, Ronald, Robert, Greg, Gabe, Walter,
Paul, and Jim for sending me all the missing caps.  I will always appreciate your efforts.
  Jim Haboustak found an unbent #337 and sent it to me.
Thank you again Jim.  Now I'm really done.
  Click on the Texas Pride cap to
view all the puzzle tops I have found.
                                 Arrows  from  Big Daddy's Animations
  If you think you know beer, try playing the Beer Quiz.
My first time score was 4 out of 10.

Subj:...Shoe Comic Strip (744)
        By Chris Cassatt and Gary Brookins
        From: WashingtonPost.com on 3/24/2011
Source: http://www.gocomics.com/shoe/

Sherry Jordan Pitts posted
     this great photo
     on Facebook
     on 11/12/2011

Source: Facebook

Vermont's Magic Hat Brewery
takes the wit and wisdom of
their patrons and puts it on
the inside of their beer caps.
This one is my favorite.  You
can read more of their sayings
by clicking .
Cap top from PupCaps.com
Cap bottom from WakeUpBro.com

Subj:...Garfield Comic Strip (DU)
        By Jim Davis on 12/28/2013 and on 6/3/2014
 Source: http://pt.jikos.cz/garfield/1993/


Drawing from ChumpysClipArt.com....
Stan is working on collecting
Rainier puzzle caps.
If you would like to trade or sell
Rainier puzzle caps with Stan,
please contact him at
P.O. Box 1864
Sumner, WA 98390

On 12/29/2012, Stan wrote

Hello!  Just wanted to send you a big Thanks! I'm down to 2 caps to complete my
Rainier collection.  The "Help Wanted" posting on your website has been invaluable.

Thanks again!




On 3/4/2013, Jason wrote:
I am collecting Natty Boh, or National Bohemian puzzle beer caps.  I need #357 to finish my collection, and twelve caps for a 2nd set.  I would love to swap Natty Boh caps (new or old cap tops) with you, or buy my needed caps. Please email me at jasonruby83@gmail.com.


Natty Boh

On 3/15/2014, Tom wrote:
I began drinking Ballantine Ale before I was old enough to buy it
(legally).  I celebrated my 65th last May.  In addition to my
collection of 410 different puzzle caps, I have 740 dup's ready
to be swapped.  All eleven hundred fifty of my caps are from
Ballantine Ale, the wheat crowns.

I am on a 'quest' to complete my collection of all 413 "Puzzle
Beer Caps."  I would prefer the Ballantine Ale (the wheat crowns)
caps.  Currently, I am still looking for 3 caps:

236 That's hard to believe 
290 A knight in shining armor 
341 Erie Canal 

If you can help me finish my dream, I would really appreciate it.
Please email me at TommieAOH@aol.com,  if you can help me.

With in a week of Tom posting this "Help" sign.  Kevin at KGoldthwaite@ncb.coop emailed him and swapped wheat crowns.
Kevin's set is complete and Tom now need only one more cap.
Please Note
On April 3,2016, Tom emailed me that he still needs help finding
Ballantine Ale (the wheat crowns) #341.  He would appreciate
any suggestions you might have on finishing his quest.



Ballantine Ale 
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