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death life

b o w written down, with b o w written through the middle, like in a crossword

c l (space) u d (space)

thought an

m i n I ' l l b e t h e r e u t e

t o (space) r n

o space e r space t space o space

x q q q m e

y a p l a y r d

w a y  or w e i g h

big big ignore ignore

easy written over a series of letter i's

belt written on top of hitting

w e l i e i g h t

search at the top, and at the bottom

a chance n

go it it it it

pass written under the word highway

l a n g 4 u a g e

c h a w h o w h o r g e

the word knee, written over light and light

I'm written with big type, with the word you written smaller beside it

u p l a t m

cus (space) tom

colored line

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